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Dubinsky Pens Opinion Piece: Palm's Seven Lives

Sat Jul 3, 2010 - 5:08 PM EDT - By Annie Latham

Donna Dubinsky, the former CEO and co-founder of Palm and Handspring, wrote an opinion piece for the Mercury News about Palm's "seven lives."

Those who have followed Palm's history may recall that Palm has changed ownership numerous times. One might argue that today starts Palm's seventh phase of life: independent company, owned by US Robotics, owned by 3Com, independent company, Handspring merger, Elevation investment, owned by HP.

She noted a few of Palm and Handspring's innovations, such as:

>> Computer based on synchronization.
>> Instant on.
>> Large display handheld with a touch interface and no keyboard.
>> The first successful mobile computing developer platform with tens of thousands of applications.
>> An integrated personal information manager where voice calls could be dialed from an e-mail message and text messages could have photos attached.

The list goes on. Dubinsky attributes Palm's history of innovation to "great people and great culture."

She closed with this thought:

"I hope that its seventh life will have as much impact on the world as have the previous six."

We second that emotion.


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