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HP's McKinney Keynotes MobileBeat 2010

Mon Jul 12, 2010 - 5:11 PM EDT - By Annie Latham

The third annual MobileBeat conference is taking place in San Francisco this week. It opened today with a keynote address by Phil McKinney, vice president and CTO of HP. Our sister site, PreCentral, covered it live.

Here are some snip-its of Dieter's post:

"As expected, no new hardware announcements, but McKinney's understanding of the mobility market and his optimistic and open attitude should make webOS fans take heart. For the record, it does look like whatever the next hardware is going to be, it'll be based on Palm's current roadmap and not a complete reboot: "[Palm has] got some great plans and some great things coming, so stay tuned."

McKinney showed off some flexible display technology (but very far into the future). He also said he's excited to see webOS on Slate devices - but emphatically not THE Slate, McKinney was clear he wasn't making any announcements right now.

The takeaway? While HP really is dedicated to webOS smartphones, this flexible display technology is a sign that HP is thinking big about mobility.

McKinney's goal for webOS is to break out of the spectrum of devices with television on one end and feature phones on the other, to create something that is both richly immersive and highly mobile with fewer tradeoffs than what current devices face. That asterisk off in the upper right, unbound from the line of non-mobile-but-rich televisions and highly-mobile-but-boring feature phones is the target.


Also at MobileBeat, Ben Galbraith, Palm's Director of Developer Relations will have a "fireside chat" with moderator Matthäus Krzykowski on Tuesday afternoon about the future of webOS and its developer program.

In addition, Ben is slated to be one of five judges of the Startup Competition in the Consumer Applications category on Monday from 9-11a.m. Ten finalists have been selected in the "Consumer Applications" category, and Palm will be awarding them with Pre Pluses. Each finalist will have 4 minutes to present their startup company and idea for a killer app. (Source: Palm)


Note: MobileBeat 2010 was talked about in an earlier post.

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