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Treo 600 Preview

Sun Oct 5, 2003 - 1:00 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker


The article below is a preview of the Treo 600. TreoCentral expects to receive a review unit of the Treo 600 soon, and a review will follow a few weeks afterwords. Many features were unable to be tested in this preview, and many more were left without explanation.

So, it turns out that the country's largest independent implementer of enterprise wireless solutions is based out of my hometown. Not only that, it turns out that they are evaluating the Treo 600 for themselves and their clients; they have had units for almost a month now. More surprisingly the people at this company read TreoCentral. And to end my story, their CEO, Doug Carey emailed me Thursday night see if TreoCentral would like to see a demo of the Treo 600.

AlwaysBEthere works with enterprises to identify, plan, and implement real-time mobile/wireless solutions for business. They are three years old, and have more than 25,000 users of their products. From what I observed, AlwaysBEthere evaluates a client and then sets up a wireless solution for them. They sell all kinds of devices from all carriers, but as shown by the Treo 300 at everyone’s desk they have a special fondness for Handspring. Already they have ordered hundreds of Treo 600’s for their enterprise customers.

I visited their offices on Friday afternoon and was greeted at the door by Doug Carey. We spent the better portion of our next two hours talking about the Treo 600 and the future of wireless. As I left he offered to let me keep his Treo 600 unit overnight; I without hesitation jumped on the offer. Before I returned it Saturday morning, I had spent six waking hours as a Sprint Treo 600 user.

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