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Ready for this? Palm Pre 2 Videos

Fri Oct 22, 2010 - 8:09 PM EDT - By Annie Latham

Jon Zilber, on Palm's blog, about some videos that have been cropping up now that the Palm Pre 2 cat is out of the bag.

One is from a Masked Man who appears to be auditioning to be a spokesperson.

In the blog, Zilber said:

Every day, we hear from folks on Twitter or Facebook who tell us that they "sold" another webOS phone to someone in their office (or their neighbor, or their buddy, or their spouse). And some of you sound like you probably make a better case for webOS than our "friend" here in the video..."

So he's encouraging folks to "Shoot a quick video and share it on YouTube (flag it with #MaskAppeal), and we'll highlight a few of our favorites back with you."

This baby one is a real commercial that ran on TV (saw it last night).

Now, a big debate among the PreCentral community is if this one is real or fan developed.

Fun times. Good to see life pumped back into the Palm world.


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