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Mobile Content Venture Unveils 2011 Plans

Sun Nov 21, 2010 - 5:03 PM EST - By Annie Latham

On Friday, Mobile Content Venture (MCV) - a JV of 12 broadcasters that includes heavyweights like NBC (NYSE: GE), Fox, ION and Cox - today set out their own mobile TV roadmap, committing to two mobile DTV signals in 20 markets by the end of 2011.

According to the story by Ingrid Lunden of MocoNews:

>> About 40 percent of the U.S. population would be covered.

>> The cities on the list for the first wave of DTV services are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Dallas, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Houston, Detroit, Tampa, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Orlando, Portland, Cincinnati, Greenville, West Palm Beach, Birmingham, and Knoxville.

The story noted some hurdles. For example, consumers will need devices enabled to receive DTV signals. That is something the MCV folks are working on with "various OEMs and device manufacturers."

Content is king. It is unclear what, exactly, will be on these stations. It may initially be rebroadcasts of local affiliate stations. Also it was mentioned that other kinds of content, such as "sports and entertainment programming, as well as local and national news from print and electronic sources" could be featured.


Source: MocoNews

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