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CES Watch: HP-Palm Opts for Special Event February 9 Instead

Wed Jan 5, 2011 - 5:39 PM EST - By Annie Latham

On Tuesday, Jon Zilber penned a gleeful, post-holiday blog post that included this:

But for now I'll exclaim that unless something leaks,
"Happy newness to all...in the forthcoming weeks."

It appears that he is alluding to the press invite that just went out for a special event that will take place in San Francisco on Wednesday, February 9.

The tagline: "Think big. Think small. Think beyond."

Derek Kessler of our sister site, PreCentral, wrote:

"What can we read from this? The next version of webOS (beyond), the next generation of Palm smartphones (small), and the webOS tablet (big). And we're totally cool with waiting another month for that."

The Wall Street Journal's Ben Worthen captured this thought from Roger Kay, an analyst at Endpoint Technologies Associates:

"This year since every fool is going to have a tablet. Probably not having a tablet makes you look smart."

Mr. Kay also noted that HP has an additional challenge of promoting an operating system (webOS) and the device itself.

So mark your calendar and keep your fingers crossed that this IS the announcement we've been waiting for.


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