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Trend: Mobile Data Revenue Expected to Climb 22% In 2011

Tue Mar 1, 2011 - 8:49 PM EST - By Annie Latham

Numbers and findings just released by Chetan Sharma Consulting confirm what many of us may feel we already know intuitively -- with the growth of smartphone shipments (for the first time exceeding computers) last year came the increase in mobile data service revenues in Q4 of 2010: Up 23% to $55 billion.

The firm expects 2011 to show continued mobile data revenue growth, up 22% this year to $67 billion, with the proliferation of smartphones -- along with portable devices like tablets and e-readers.

In 2011, the smartphone segment along with the connected devices (tablets and eReaders) will not only exceed the computer segment in unit shipment but more importantly in the overall revenues as well. Of course, these categories are merging and the lines are blurring but it is good to take stock of the transition which will create new ecosystems and decimate the old ones over the course of this decade.

Other points of note:

> The significant rise in the smartphones sales and usage in the US market means that by the end of 2011, in the US, the smartphones will consume more data than the data cards for the first time.

> They expect US to become the number 1 nation in mobile data consumption this year edging out Sweden.

> US is also the most dominant market in terms of revenue generation for the industry. While the US represents less than 6% of the subscription base, it accounts for over 21% of the data revenues with Verizon Wireless becoming the number one mobile data operator in 2010 edging past the decade long leader NTT DoCoMo.

> Android and iOS are completely dominating the developer and ecosystem mindshare and the race to become a viable 3rd option is on. Operators would love to see another competitive force emerge in the market.

This writer's thought: HP needs to deliver fast!

Here's the presentation that was posted by Chetan Sharma on SlideShare.


Source: Online Media Daily

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