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Veer Review: WSJ & ATD's Katherine Boehret Takes it For a Spin...

Wed May 11, 2011 - 9:20 PM EDT - By Annie Latham

Note to Readers: I pointed out this review because it appeared in today's Wall Street Journal, on page D3 in The Digital Solution column.

All Things D's Katherine Boehret just posted her thoughts on the HP Veer that is arriving this Sunday at AT&T.

She talks about its smallness, its keyboard (no virtual option), webOS, app issues, the joy of Flash, and its battery life. Here are some highlights:

>> Typing on this little keyboard was surprisingly comfortable.

>> While the back of the Veer carries the HP logo instead of the Palm name, this device still has reminders of Palm on it, like the first step to using the device: creating or signing into a Palm Profile. I signed in with a pre-HP Palm Profile I already had, and it still worked. Logging into this profile will restore previously set up accounts and apps to the device. H-P's spokeswoman said that Palm-specific nomenclature would be changed in an update.

>> Unlike iOS, Apple Inc.'s mobile operating system, webOS handles Adobe Flash with ease. I opened the “Charlie Rose” website, which runs in Flash, and watched a video of a reporter in Libya.

>> She found some confusion with the naming of some apps (Pixi appeared in the title).

>> She said the Veer's battery life was suitable for a full day's use, including Web browsing, watching videos, emailing, texting, playing games like Endless TriPeaks Solitaire and running apps like Twee and Facebook.

If you're a fan of webOS and you prefer carrying a smaller, lighter device, the HP Veer 4G is fast and fun to use--though sliding out its keyboard isn't as easy as it should be.


Now she has me curious. I've been struggling with getting to my Palm Pre's keyboard for years. Is this more of the same?


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