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Treo 600

Fri Jan 2, 2004 - 1:23 AM EST - By Michael Ducker


For the past two years, I have heard many comments on the size of my Treo 180. Specifically from people on the street, as they stare at my overly large windowed “PDA, cell phone, gadget, what’s it” over my ear. With the release of the second generation Treo, gone are the days of public embarrassment as it is hard for one to mistake the Treo 600 for anything other than a cell phone. Handspring has dropped the flip form factor, and created a slightly large, but useable sleek device.

Way back in October I was given a GSM review unit for two weeks by Handspring. A couple weeks later I received my own Sprint Treo 600. About half of this review was written when I had the GSM Treo; the other half with the Sprint version.

On the GSM Treo, my provider was T-Mobile, and after I had put the SIM from my Treo 180 into the new unit (painless), I called 611 and added unlimited GPRS to my T-Mobile account. Activating the Sprint Treo 600 was just as easy; I received my activation number, entered it into the Treo and was done. Provisioning (activating the data service Vision) my Sprint Treo 600 took about three minutes; no problems there either.

I would like to point out that if you would like a short concise review of the GSM Treo 600, don’t read this one. The goal of this review is to take an in-depth look at the Treo 600 and its features. My goal is to cover every detail in the Treo 600, but undoubtedly I will miss some. If you have a question please feel free to use our discussion boards, or email me.

Note, screenshot slideshows used later on in this review utilize iframes. If you are on a Treo, or a really old browser, you will not be able to see these images. For everyone else, to navigate these slideshows, just click the image.

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Product Info
> Name Treo 600
> Company Handspring
> Camera Details 640x480 VGA, can also take smaller photos
> OS Palm OS 5.2.1h
> Screen Color 160x160
> Other Features Volume buttons,5 way navigator, Ringer switch with vibrate option, dual speaker system, microphone, backlit keyboard, built in camera
> Battery Life 5 (CDMA) or 6 (GSM) hour Talk Time
> Color Silver (GSM), Black (CDMA)
> Size 4.41 inches x 2.26 inches x 0.87 (LxWxD
> Memory 32 MB
> Weight ~6 oz, depending on model
> Fact Sheet & User Opinions
> Available
> $499 (Estimated price with carrier discount)

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