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TreoCentral FAQ

Tue Jul 6, 2004 - 1:44 AM EDT - By Michael Ducker

Some people may have noticed the new "Random FAQ" box on the right side of TreoCentral's front page. Or some others may have noticed the FAQ entry that now resides in the menu bar. And lastly, the 50 people who viewed the pre-announcement thread, have a good indication of what's going on. But for the other 10,000 users out there, I would like to announce the TreoCentral FAQ.

This has been a long promised feature of TreoCentral.com, and it recently came to a point where I decided things had to be done. 12 hours of coding later, TreoCentral now offers a fully community powered, moderated, rated, and searchable FAQ. The FAQ has been seeded with the old FAQ from treo.tc, however there are few entries, and some of them are outdated. The goal of this sytem is that our FAQ will be "live" - adjusting to whatever new information, or new solutions are available for the Treo. It relies solely on users helping out, hence the communty powered description.

Community powered means that TreoCentral users submit the FAQ entries. If you were to ask a question on the forums, and it gets answered, you can keep that knowledge enshrined in an FAQ entry forever. Moderators will then review it for accuracy and spelling before making it live on the TreoCentral.com website. Community powered also means that if anyone has a correction to make, or an addition to make on an existing FAQ, only one click of "Flag For Review" is needed to send a message to moderators to correct or change that FAQ entry. It's simple.

This FAQ will fail if you, a TreoCentral member, do not submit new entries and update old ones. So, to encourage you to help out this community powered system we are doing two things. First, on every FAQ you write, you get credited for doing so on the FAQ by a byline with your TreoCentral username, and a link to your profile. That's cool, but Treo accessories are cooler: store.treocentral.com has donated one $20 gift certificate a week for the next seven weeks, to be distributed randomly to anyone who submits a FAQ entry that gets approved that week. Winner will be notified via the email registered with their TreoCentral username.

So please, browse the new FAQs, search the new FAQs, rate the new FAQs, flag for review the new FAQs, but most of all, share your Treo knowledge with the community by submitting new FAQ entries.

Here's the feature list of our new system:

    Random FAQ Display on TC homepage
  • Browse FAQs by Category
  • Browse top tens of most viewed and highest rated
  • Search FAQ questions, answers, and submitting usernames
  • Read FAQs, and link using a normal .htm link
  • Rate FAQs on a scale of 1 to 5
  • Flag for Review FAQs to add your own content or fix errors
  • Submit your own FAQs, sharing your Treo knowledge with all other users
  • Use simple HTML in your FAQ to link to key material, or accentuate important points
  • Everything is moderated so that material in the FAQ is accurate
If you catch any bugs, or have comments or suggestions, email me at my address linked above.

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