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New Custom Treo cradle

Mon Aug 30, 2004 - 1:23 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

TreoCentral user, newtreouser, has created a custom Treo cradle with built in MP3 and headset passthrough. From the post on our forums:

Attached are 2 pics of my latest product: The Omni Treo 600 Cradle. This IS the ultimate cradle for home or car for Treo 600 of any flavor. It provides hands free speakerphone capability as well as MP3 stereo playback through your computer’s audio system, your car stereo’s audio system, your home stereo’s audio system, or any FM radio. It also charges your Treo with a single connector USB cable via your desktop or notebook computer’s USB port. This is the only cradle you will ever need for home or car. There’s bonus feature included as well. Read on.


• The Omni Treo 600 Cradle is a hands free speakerphone/ MP3 player. A 2.5 mm mic input jack is provided in the back of the cradle, between the 2 toggle switches to accept an external mic. An excellent 8 inch goose-neck external mic with answer/ hang-up button comes with the cradle. You can try other cell phone mics with a 2.5 mm plug to tailor the sound quality to your liking. Having an external mic makes a world of difference in sound quality compared to using the Treo’s internal mic while in speakerphone mode. This is true for home or car use.

• The Omni Treo 600 Cradle securely holds your Treo 600. A magnet is attached inside to securely grip the Treo to the cradle to prevent “whip-lash” effect for those with hot rods and a heavy foot. Simply slide your Treo into the cradle. For car use, a threaded base plate is provided to allow custom secure mount in the best location of your vehicle. Or it can be attached by Velcro to any flat horizontal surface in your vehicle for a portable mount so you can take the cradle from car to office or home.

• A 3.5 mm stereo jack is provided on the left side of the cradle to connect your Treo’s audio output to the following inputs: Home computer audio system’s line-input, car stereo system’s auxiliary input, FM transmitter, or Cassette adapter. If you want to listen to music via headphones or wants privacy during phone calls, simply plug in any stereo headphones into the 3.5 mm jack. Wait till you hear the superior sound quality!

• A toggle switch is provided on the back of the cradle, on the right side, to select between “hands free speakerphone mode” or “MP3 mode”.

• A 2.5 mm stereo jack is also provided on the right side of the cradle to allow you to plug in a mic/ earset for privacy during phone calls. Simply plugging in the mic/ earset will disable the speakerphone.

• A single USB connector cable charges and HotSyncs your Treo while in the cradle. You can also use CardExport to access your SD/IO card. For car use, simply plug the USB charge cable into a USB car charger (available on ebay)

• Programmable “HotSync” button allow you to program it to open any application. (I have it programmed for PocketTunes)

• Green LED below the HotSync button indicates the cradle is plugged into the USB port and Treo is charging. This allows you to program the Treo’s LED to indicate statuses other than charge.

BONUS feature:
• A toggle switch is provided in the back of the cradle, on the left side, to allow you to turn on/ off charging. This is especially useful if your are on the road with your laptop, ac power is not available, the laptop battery is low, you need to use PDANet to read your e-mail and you can’t afford to suck down your laptop’s precious battery further by having to charge the Treo. You can accomplish this by a flip of the switch to turn charging off. If you are at home or in your office and your Treo’s been sitting in the cradle charging for hours and it is at 100%, you can turn off charging by a flip of the switch instead of pulling the Treo out of the cradle. Your battery will last longer if it is not left charging for a long time when it is at 100%.

What’s in the package:
• One cradle as described above
• One 8 inch goose neck external mic with answer hang-up buttonwith with 2.5 mm plug.

Price: $119.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling in the continental USA.

Availability: NOW, in limited quantities.

Please inquire about shipping costs to Europe or Asia.

I accept paypal, money order, or personal checks. Please allow 1 week for delivery after payment has cleared. E-mail me: firepiston@fastmail dot fm for ordering details or if you have any questions. Note: remove the “ dot “ and replace with a “.” in my e-mail address.

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