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ProClip Holster

Fri Oct 29, 2004 - 11:42 PM EDT - By James Hromadka


Buying a carrying case is one of the most personal decisions one will ever make for a PDA. When that PDA is also a phone, the decision becomes even more important, as it is important to be able to answer the phone as quickly as possible. One of the fastest ways to get to your Treo is by keeping it in a holster by your side, and the Proclip Holster lets you do just that.


When I first got the Proclip in, I thought there was some kind of mistake, because it comes with two different clips -- a svelte in-place clip and and a more traditional swivel clip. Most holsters that I've seen were rather simplistic and didn't give you many options, so it's good to see both choices offered in one package. The clips are designed by Krusell, a Swedish company that's been designing cases for over ten years.

Two versions of the ProClip are available. A fixed horizontal clip or a fixed vertical clip. Both versions also include a swivel clip. For this review, I used the horizontal fixed clip that holds the Treo horizontally along the beltline.

In terms of protection, the ProClip does not protect much more than the Treo's screen and about two-thirds of the keyboard. The entire backside of the Treo is exposed and faces outward. If I may borrow a line from Shakespeare though, the the ProClip comes to carry the Treo, not to protect it. I'm not going to wear the ProClip (or my Treo for that matter) when I'm hitting the slopes of Lake Louise, but the ProClip should suffice in the halls at the office where you want something light and easy to access.

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