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The Missing Sync for Palm OS

Fri Dec 3, 2004 - 9:56 PM EST - By James Hromadka

Installing Applications

Missing Sync includes a handy little application called TimeCopy. Although the conduit is installed by default, the PDA application must be manually installed. To install an application manually, double-click the .prc file (in this case TimeCopy.prc). You can also add files in the Missing Sync desktop application by clicking the Install tab and then dragging the .prc file into the Files to install on handheld (or card) list or click the sign and browse to the files. The next time you sync, the files are installed.

The TimeCopy conduit has options to either "Update handheld clock" or "Do nothing." The 17K TimeCopy app on the Treo is where you can see if the time had to be adjusted and can also set whether to also adjust the timezone and daylight savings setting as well.

A note about double-clicking .prc files -- if you have Palm Desktop or an application like Graphic Converter that can open .prc files, these files may not be associated with Missing Sync. I would get a message on some .prc files that warned me that HotSync Manager would open the file for the first time. Canceling the message would let me specify Missing Sync as the program to use. You can use Command-I to manually set a .prc or .pdb file to use Missing Sync if needed.

This is caused by Mac OS X allowing individual files to have different associated applications and is noted in the Missing Sync documentation. The easiest way to spot a problem file is one that doesn't have a blue Missing Sync icon.

Instead of dealing with file associations, my favorite way to install files is to drag them to the Missing Sync icon in the Dock. It will launch if needed and add the files to the install listing. I also really like the Profile feature of Missing Sync. I can select the Install Profile and have only the Install Conduit run on the next sync. It's the difference between a 30 second sync to install a .prc file and a 2 minute one to run through my iSync Conduits as well.

Internet Sharing

Want to share your Mac's Internet connection with your Treo? It couldn't be any easier than with Missing Sync. Click the Internet Sharing button and you'll notice the Missing Sync icon on the Dock change to have a globe on it. You then need to create a Network Connection using the Treo's Prefs application and configure it. The Missing Sync application has thorough details on setup by clicking on Help | Internet Sharing. You can configure the Treo to connect using either USB or Bluetooth. I tested using USB and browsing and email was significantly faster.

Note: If you have a Sprint-branded Treo, Internet Sharing the Blazer web browser has its proxy address hard-coded so you cannot browse the Internet with that application.

Internet Sharing really comes in handy if you want to use AvantGo. Remember AvantGo? I stopped using it a long time ago since the company doesn't support Mac OS X, but there have been ways to use it with 3rd party software. Using Internet Sharing, you can manually have AvantGo connect and update content.

I had to remember my old AvantGo account information and then download the AvantGo client, and now getting updates is as easy as turning on Internet Sharing and tapping Channels | Sync inside the AvantGo app on the Treo. Go here to get the client. After AvantGo is installed on the Treo go into Missing Sync and click on Help | AvantGo Configuration Assistant for instructions on setup.

AvantGo has changed a lot since I last used it. Limited user-created channels and more advertising in the free version have made it less compelling, not to mention that Treos can connect to the live Internet at anytime. Still, a USB sync is much, much faster than a GPRS sync, and I commend Mark/Space for going the extra mile and providing its users assistance with AvantGo.

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