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PalmOne Leather Side Case

Mon Jan 31, 2005 - 6:51 PM EST - By James Hromadka


PalmOne in general lets 3rd party manufacturers make cases for the Treo, but the company does make several accessories for the device. The Leather Side Case is a decent offering for those looking for a side pouch case.


The Leather Side Case is somewhat basic for a pouch case. The leather is sewn with silver stitching for a contrasting look (something I think detracts from its look), and the flap that closes to secure the Treo uses a normal snap closure instead of a magnetic snap like other cases such as the E&B Copilot. The snap does stay secure, but because it is not magnetized, sometimes I had to press a few times to get it to snap. The Treo logo is embossed in the lower right-hand corner of the case, though you'll barely notice it.

The Treo can only fit in the case one way, so when the case is worn on the right side of the body, the antenna points behind you, and when the case is worn on the left side, the antenna faces forward. This is because the cutout on one side is not low enough for the antenna to go through.

There is a circular hole for the headset jack, so at least corded headsets can be used when the Treo is in the case. In any case, you cannot have the Treo's screen facing outward.

The beltclip slides down on top of the belt and holds fairly well. I did have my car's seatbelt push the beltclip off sometimes when getting in the car though. As long as it doesn't get bumped from below, the case will stay on well enough.


The PalmOne Leather Side Case is a simple pouch case that gets the job done for those looking for an inexpensive case to wear on the belt horizontally. It may not have all the niceties, but it does have all the basic features that a user needs in a case.

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Design 3
Usability 3
Protection 3
Cost/Benefit 4
(not an average)
  • Inexpensive
  • Can use headset while Treo is in the case
  • Cons
  • Treo can only face one way in case
  • Snap not magnetized

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    Product Info
    > Name Leather Side Case
    > Company PalmOne
    > Screen Protector Not Required
    > Weight 1.8 oz. / 5.2 g.
    > Fact Sheet & User Opinions
    > Available
    > $24.95

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