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BugMe! Messenger

Fri Mar 2, 2001 - 12:51 PM EST - By Alan Graham

Thumbnail View

When you launch BugMe! Messenger you get a nice thumbnail screen that shows you a small image of each note. To the right of the thumbnail there are icons that represent different features. They include:

•Title of note

•If and what time the reminder alarm is set to go off.

•An e-mail icon that shows you if and to whom this note has been sent.

•A icon that lets you view any notation you may have added to describe the note.

•A trash can icon to delete each note.

Tapping on the thumbnail of any image opens it to full-screen.

At the bottom of this screen you will find icons that allow you to create a new note, check for new notes or send all notes. It is a very clean and easy interface. My only problem is that you can only sort the order of the thumbnails by their Alarm time. I'd really like like to see some other variations.

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> Name BugMe! Messenger
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> Size 216k
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