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Sydney Harbour Pouch Case

Wed Jul 13, 2005 - 2:52 PM EDT - By Douglas Morse


Standing in line at the supermarket, my Treo fell from my pocket to the floor and was protected by the Sydney Harbour Pouch case. The case passed the basic low impact two-foot drop crash test and I knew my durability testing was complete.

The Sydney Harbour form fit case can be used in two ways—clipped to the belt or tossed in a purse or bag. It is not intended to be stuffed in a pocket because the back nub is non removable. Also this isn't the sort of case to use while surfing the net, listening to MP3s, or playing a game of Zap 2026. About the only functions available while in the case are Bluetooth headset functions.


It couldn't get much simpler than a soft leather pouch to drop the Treo into. A top flap comes down over the Treo and attaches with Velcro. On the back is a ratchet nub strongly affixed to the back of the case. Sydney Harbour's beltclip is a slight step up from some of the clips I've seen as it has a lower profile and seems to have more durability.

The edges of the case appear to be soft small rubber bumper and the inside is lined with nylon. The leather is soft and the construction seems good.


Although the case passed the drop test, it really offers only modest protection. The front and back are reinforced, but not capable of sustaining a sharp impact.

The main advantage of this case is its sleek nature. It does hug the Treo nicely and hardly weighs anything. However, there is no functionality that other pouch cases offer, such as a headphone jack cutout. This was one of my criticisms of the original Nutshell.

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