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Sun Aug 27, 2000 - 7:20 PM EDT - By Douglas Morse

Paper competition

In most instances, I think I would still prefer the paperback versions of the guides. There is more information (including the Staten Island Ferry tidbit in the paper new York Guide, a comprehensive list of theaters in the Chicago guide, etc.), a slew of full color maps, and you have the ability to thumb through each guide easily. And, of course,  paperbacks are only about 15 bucks a pop. However, the trend in recent guidebooks is to give a history lesson. In that sense, the electronic guides are less verbose, thankfully, and electronic searching and organizing is a big plus. Did I mention the bookmark feature? Or the ability to take notes on the handheld?  Those are both very nice.


All, in all though, the guides are quite wonderful – presenting me with really useful information. Clear, concise and well organized. Supplementing them with a real map may be all you need.

Note: Springboard module with cities coming in August. But why you’d need it, I have no idea. The CD ROM (or downloading) seems just dandy. Maybe it’s the approx. 2MB the 4 cities take up. But I got 8, count em, 8 whole MEGABYTES and I’m not out yet!

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Content 4
Organization 4
Usability 4
Installation 3
(not an average)
- Extensive
- Easy to navigate
- Fun to read
- Demo version available
- Maps are hard to read
- A bit pricey at $49.95 for 5 cities ($19.95 for one)
- Some surprising omissions
- Searching is sometimes a bit slow

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Thumbs Up 75% Thumbs Down 25%

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> Available
> $49.95

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