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Krusell Handit Platinum

Tue Nov 8, 2005 - 11:42 AM EST - By James Hromadka


For many of Krusell's cases, there is a standard version and a premium leather version of the case. The Handit Platinum is such a case. Read Doug Morse's review of the Handit II ($34.95), then read on to decide if the features of the Handit Platinum is worth the added cost.


At first glance, the Handit Platinum looks like any other flip lid case. Its lid has two SD card slots and room for a credit card. There are cutouts on the front for the LED, ear speaker, mic, HotSync, and audio port. The keyboard and buttons on the Treo are covered by plastic. I have never liked plastic coverings, but the Handit Platinum is the first case that didn't seem to bother me when typing. I could even type well enough when using the flat part of my thumbs as opposed to the tips. Most plastic coverings I have seen are too tight, causing extraneous keys to be pressed when typing, but I didn't have this issue with the Handit Platinum.

Where the Handit Platinum differs from other flip lid cases is its hinge. Other cases usually have a cutout for the camera, exposing it to damage. The Handit Platinum takes a different tactic, in that its lid hinge is almost at the bottom of the rear of the case. A snap holds the back lid in place. Undo the snap and you can fold the lid all the way down or just let it dangle behind the case so you can take pictures. It's certainly a unique feature on a case. If you work in an environment where camera phones are discouraged, this case would certainly hide the camera on the Treo.

There are cutouts on the back for an external antenna, the Treo's speaker, and the reset hole for the Treo 600. The leather on the Handit Platinum is top-notch. It is soft to the touch and has that great leather smell. The interior of the Handit Platinum beige leather and gives the Handit Platinum a distinctive look that really differentiates it from the Handit II.

All Krusell cases use a special Multidapt system that gives you many options for attaching a case to your belt. The Handit Platinum comes with a swivel Leather Belt Clip, which slides onto a belt, so no worries about the clip popping off. It has two buttons on the side that you press to release the case.

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