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New Skin Holster from Seidio

Fri Dec 2, 2005 - 4:41 PM EST - By James Hromadka


Seidio has announced a holster for users that have a Treo 650 inside a skin case. The Spring Clip Holster ($29.95) will be able to accommodate any case up to 1.8mm thick. I will have a full review next week, but I got on in today and it's a nice holster. When wearing it, lift the spring-loaded tab in order to insert/remove the Treo from the case. Other than that, it's very similar to the Shield Holster.

Listed Features:
  • Form Fitting - Specially designed to only fit your skinned Treo.
  • Stylish design with the ability to slip your Treo in and out of the holster with one hand
  • Secures your Treo - stays securely in place with the top, bottom, and lower sides all held in.
  • Locking Swivel Belt Clip - perfect positioning while sitting or standing by rotating through any of 7 angles
  • Easy access to the headset jack, serial connector, and volume control.
  • Faces in - soft, felt pad protects the screen whiile resting in the holster.
  • Made of very high impact/high performance plastic (PC - polycarbonate) to ensure durability.
  • New and improved clip attachment with reinforced metal ring and increased tension spring to ensure durability. It is also quite stylish.

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