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Colorform my Headset

Mon Jun 5, 2006 - 2:23 PM EDT - By Annie Latham

Bluetooth Stylin'

Yikes! From a head-on shot in the mirror, I looked exactly like one of those Star Trek characters. That wouldn't do. But when I turned my head, I had to smile. That faceplate did its job to really "soften" that techie ("Trekkie") look.

It DID cover my whole ear. So I figured something that huge needed some style. Time to "colorform" my headset.

There's a little notch in one side of the clear plastic faceplate cover that I figured was the entry point for trying to remove it to get to the faceplate below. However, using my fingers, I couldn't do it. So I grabbed my trusty tweezers and popped it off easily.

I took the Mosaic faceplate that I carefully removed from the sheet and popped it into place (after removing the center cutout for the on/off button), and then set the plastic cover back on with a snap. Voila! Presto, change-o and there I was, super styling.

I pondered using a solid look (perhaps something in "Royal Blue" or "Passion Flower" purple), and picked up my tweezers to start the process. But something in the back of my mind told me to stop and try it by hand. Sure enough, after the first-time removal of the plastic cover, subsequent removals were easily done by hand (nice!). The thing I didn't get to do is see what the tolerance point was for taking that cover on and off before breaking it (Not enough time to do it before filing this review). So whether you can remove and replace this faceplate cover hundreds of times, I couldn't tell you.

But here's what I think is the "cheesy thing." You have to store your "used" faceplates (once they're off their sheet) loosely inside the Ziploc baggie unless you come up with a better idea. I guess some protection is better than nothing. At least they are re-usable. However, you can store three faceplates max ON the headset itself, under its plastic cover. With three stored (one visible), the cover snaps in but isn't quite flush. At two you are flush.

Customizable Colorforms

So what do you do when 33 faceplate options aren't enough? What you do is go here to make more.

Okay. This is crazy. Jabra has this simple way of making custom faceplates and save them to an online gallery (there were over 65 pages of custom designs when I added mine!).

Step one; choose a picture from options like abstract, animal, candy, fabric, nature, "stuff" and four pages of World Cup versions.

To select one, just drag it onto the blank BT160 on the page (See, it's really like using online Colorforms!).

To add color, just click and drag the "swatch" you want to the BT160. The cool thing is you can choose between solid colors or gradients.

The last bit of customization is adding text. I figured I'd do something sort of subliminal. You can use either black or white text, plus you can adjust the size of it.

So I saved my piece of art.

There's a "view my gallery" option on the site where I could skip the 65 pages to see my own faceplate.

I'm kind of curious to see if my "Not A Trekkie" design will make it into the universal gallery.

Anyway, that was easy and fun.

I decided to try printing it. Here's what they recommended:
"The best results are achieved by printing this page using glossy paper.

Cut out the cover using a Stanley-knife or similar paper knife, and don't forget to cut out the hole in the middle of the cover.

To insert your new design in your Jabra BT160 follow the instructions in the manual or on the printout."

So basically, you've moved from Colorforms to paper dolls. Still, it's a cool concept and if I had access to a color printer, I'd surely try it out (though I know that I'm not exactly skilled with an X-Acto knife).

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