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A trio of slick RexRegina designer cases

Tue Jun 27, 2006 - 4:15 PM EDT - By Jay Gross


Put on your fanciest hat, grab your chicest handbag (briefcase, duffle bag, whatever), and take your Treo for a high fashion stroll. RexRegina has just the case for such struttin'. In fact, several of them, enough to coordinate with every pair of shoes you wish you'd bought and a color for your every mood, even black.

The vertical cases, which don't have clips, come in the Avant-Garde and Nouveau finishes. There's a separate palette of colors for each style, and the hues are everything a designer could wish for. The Avant-Garde line boasts pebble grain or crocodile finishes.
Pebble Grain comes in sand or "pink rose", and the Croc finish, for which no actual crocodiles have been harmed, comes in pink, "Honey-do" and Tangerine, also known as orange.

The Nouveau styles also come in Pebble Grain and Crocodile. Black Sand and brown for the former, Black Tie and Choc Croc for the four-legged reptilian option. The crocodile is faux, implemented with texturing processes on Italian cowhide. It's convincing enough that I wouldn't advise going near a large crocodile while carrying one of these cases, lest the creature exact revenge for lost relatives. Actually, I advise steering clear of crocodiles anyway.

The specifics

These are the cases I reviewed, pictured by themselves and modeled with panache by the lady in the classy pink dress. Sorry about the wet limestone on the building. The batteries needed changing in my Acme Model C Thunderstorm Repeller.

Click the prices to go to the TreoCentral store and see the full selection of colors and materials for that model case. Click any of the pictures for a more detailed, higher resolution view.

1. RexRegina Harrison Classic Case, vertical without clip (Burgundy Belting Leather) $54.95

2. RexRegina Harrison Avant-Garde Case, vertical without clip (Pink Rose Pebble Grain Leather) $59.95

3. RexRegina Stanton Nouveau Case, horizontal with clip (Brown Pebble Grain Leather) $64.95

All of the cases worked perfectly with my Treo 650 and 700P.

Of these, I like the vertically oriented, Harrison Classic, burgundy case best for general toting around. I carry my Treo (in a case!) in my shirt pocket where it's accessible when it rings, which it does at inopportune times. So, I get to flash its beauty at order counters during lunch, and in stores at inconvenient moments, attracting attention that I wouldn't otherwise enjoy.

This doesn't mean I didn't put the Harrison Avant-Garde case to the tote-around test. It took guts, but I mustered the nerve to carry the pink (okay, "rose") one, and flash it openly. Several times I created quite a stir when I whipped it out. The case's bold color grabs attention from afar, even if (like me) you're neither female nor fashionable. I prepared a wicked grin and a proper lie: "My girlfriend took the plain case with her to the wrestling match." But no one asked, and I sensed more envy than derision. The ivory leather lining makes the rose case a super showpiece. Besides, we artists are not only permitted, but expected to affect high fashion accessories.

The horizontal pouch case (Stanton Nouveau, brown), with its pillowy padded surface and dark leather lining, has the best feel of the three cases, plus a beautiful finish, proportion, and design. The case's heavy-duty, integral belt clip is itself upholstered in leather to match the rest of the case, truly a designer-level fetish. The result is a look that's out-there luxurious. It didn't work well in the pocket, but surrounding my sleek new Treo 700P and clipped to my belt loop, it made me feel ever so stylish.

A tight fit

With all the cases, I considered the fit a little too snug at first. However, after my Treos made a few roundtrips to desk-bound cradle and back into the cases, the leather accommodated the phones perfectly - Still snug, but not too tight. Snug is what you want for slip cases. Too loose, and the Treo might go flying.

The horizontal case provides a magnetic clasp that snaps to secure the phone. It's a clever design that leaves the Treo's volume controls accessible – so you can take calls with a Bluetooth headset without removing the Treo from the case. In this model, the fit is unnecessarily tight, as the clasp obviates snugness. Snapping the clasp is a little tricky without activating any of the buttons. On the 700P, with its different button layout, it's particularly frustrating, as the device's Phone button will fire up the Treo (The 650 waits till the Power button is pressed.) Of course, even if activated, the Treos will shut themselves off after a few seconds unless you press the Center Button to cancel Keyguard.

With all the RexRegina cases considered in this article, stowing the Treos in the cases requires a deft touch to avoid inadvertently activating the Treo's buttons. After the first few times, however, it isn't all that difficult or troublesome. The trick is to hold the case in your palm (no pun intended) without squeezing the case, and push the Treo with the other hand. Simple, fast, and none of the buttons get pushed, even on the 700P.

After some insert/remove cycles, the fit loosens up slightly. It's like new shoes. The leather accommodates after you've worn them to the prom.

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