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Improve your Treo

Fri May 24, 2002 - 12:33 PM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

Button Reassignment

While the Treo's built in preferences application lets you assign different applications to the four applications buttons on your Treo, it offers no other configuration options. Third party tools to the rescue!

Buttons-T from Mindgear (Free) lets you assign an application to the opt+app buttons (that is, holding down the blue option key while pressing an application button). You can also change the app launched when powering on by opening the lid or pressing the jog key. This preference panel was written at Handspring by a member of the Treo software development team.

TreoButton from YAMADA Tatsushi (also Free) offers the same functionality.

PowerJOG ($15.00) lets you use your Jog Dial like never before. By pressing the Jog Dial button, you open a pop up list from which you can push dialog window's button, go to home, power off, push screen button, launch an application, and much more.

TiggleToggle Lite from Geekware Solutions (Free) let's you switch between the SMS and Memo Pad applications with the press of a button. No more exiting from SMS to start Memo Pad or looking for Memo Pad in the main category.

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