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Some Fashionable Looks for the Treo Pro and Centro
There are plenty of good looks to go around with the Golla line of fashion cases...

Ideas for Recycling Your Retired Treo(s)/Centro
Time to put your old phone to good use. Here are some tips.

Centro Intro Pt 10: Setting Up Email
Keep in touch, wherever you are. How to set up email accounts on your Centro.

Centro Intro Pt. 5: music in your pocket
In part 5 of his Centro Intro series, Jay explains how to put music on your Palm Centro

Back to school wish list roundup for your Treo and your student
Treo goes to college. Here is a quick overview of a lot of software and some hardware to make your Treo, or that of your student, a virtual reference desk.

Tutorial: Iconoclastic Art
Customize your Treo and its apps in an artistic and exciting way by creating your own custom icons for use in the Launcher, Agendus, or any other program, adding new depth and pizzazz to your Treo-toting experience.

Treo for Newbies, Pt 3: Looking for answers, protecting your Treo
Welcome to Treo! This is Part 3 of Jay's new user tutorial series. This is the advanced course for Treo beginners.

Agendus to the Max Part I: Beginning the Journey
Following my recent Agendus review, I thought it would be helpful to our readers to delve a bit deeper into this powerhouse app. So here is a tutorial which I hope you'll find useful, and you don't have to pay S&H like that computer tutor CD guy on TeeVee.

Treo for Newbies, Pt 2: Moving Music To Your New Treo
Welcome to Treo. Jay has just started class with Part 2 of his new user tutorial series. This time we take up file exchange for MP3 music, pictures, and programs.

Treo 101: A Palm OS guide for new owners, Part 1
Got a new Treo? This series of articles passes along some hints, tips, and general information to help you get acquainted.

Treo 700wx: What Rules, What Drools
This is not going to be another point-by-point review of the new Treo 700wx because that has already been elegantly handled by Dieter Bohn. This discussion will be from the perspective of a long-time Pocket PC and Smartphone packer. It will offer objective considerations on what I perceive as commendations (What RULES ), and what I perceive as needs for improvement (What DROOLS).

Mobile Toting Systems
Tim takes a look at a variety of cases from Nite Ize.

TreoTekniques: Tips, Tricks, and Tidbits
A handful of Tips and Tricks for the Neuros recorder, plus some software updates for recently reviewed products.

Windows Mobile Registry Hacks, Part 1
Windows Mobile 5 has a "registry" that's similar to the one you find on desktop Windows. So: How can we use this? In Part 1 we dip our toes in the registry pool.

Three Treo Cameras Compared
Say cheese! Low light response of the cameras in the Treo 650, 700p, and 700w

Gobbledygook Demystified
UMTS? HSDPA? GSM? OMG? LOL? Tired of meaningless acronyms? Today we delve into them to help you find out what they mean!

Woe is Me(mory)
There's about 25 megs of RAM available for programs on the 700w. This makes the Treo 700w's vaunted multitasking a chore at times. Here are some tips on how to deal with it. UPDATE: the Windows Mobile Team Blog describes how WM5 manages memory.

Trippin with my Treo 700w
W is for wandering. Tim drives to a meeting hundreds of miles from home, and here is how he used his 700w on the trip.

Hidden Treasures: The Treos' other calculators, Part 3
How to use those other calculators and converters in your Treo 650 and 700P.

Solutions for Inputting Text on a Treo 700W
Sometimes the thumb board on the Treo 700W just is not fast enough. Tim Hillebrand gives us an overview of some alternate methods of inputting text.

Hidden Treasures: The other calculators, Pt 2
How to use the extra calculators in your Treo 650 and 700P.

Using del.icio.us on your Treo
There are lots of sites that contain links to mobile websites for the Treo. There are also great sites that let you share links on the desktop. Are these two great tastes that taste great together?

Hidden Treasures: The other calculators, Pt 1
Out of the box, your Treo 650 and 700P contain nine more calculators than you can see or read about in the manuals

Unleashing the Wonders of Wi-Fi on your Treo 700w
How Wi-Fi works, what hardware and software you will need, how to connect, how to find hotspots, security, and what you can do with it.

Hidden Treasures: There IS a camera self-timer in your Treo 650!
How to find, use, and even customize the Treo 650 camera's self timer, making do nicely without a tripod, and some other tips for better pictures.

Hidden Treasures: Getting More than Comic Relief Out of the Treos' Cameras
Treos' better-than-nothing cameras can do better than that, and with some manipulation the images can be down right useful. We explore the cameras' faults, some solutions, and hidden features.

2005 Treo Holiday Guide
Looking for the perfect gift for yourself or another Treo user? Here are some accessories that any Treo user would love.

Customizing iSync with Treo icons
Mac OS X users, find out how to change the icon that iSync uses for the Treo

Treo 600 DVD Movies: As Simple as 1, 2, 3...
Find out just how easy it is to watch your DVD movies on your Treo 600.

(Still) Unofficial Guide to GPRS
Handspring is now officially offering the GPRS update 1.1 on their website. Only one slight problem: It still isn't supported if you have a North American carrier. As before, TreoCentral has the instructions on how you can install the latest update anyways.

Treo's unknown features
Add a clock to the speed dial, check your battery status, as see flip flip!

Improve your Treo
We checkout the latest Ringtone Mangers, Button Reassignment programs, and other useful utilities.


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