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Palm to Launch Consumer Focused Treo

Thu Oct 12, 2006 - 8:53 AM EDT - By Michael Ducker

According to an article (subscription required) in today's Technology section of the Wall Street Journal, Palm will launch the Treo 680 which will be the start of a new line of Treo's focused on consumers, and not enterprise. This would be the fourth and final expected Treo announcement of the year.

From the article:

"Unlike other Treos, which typically were priced at more than $399 at the time of their launch, some analysts expect the new Treo 680 to start at around $199. The phone is expected to be smaller than previous Treos and will have an improved user interface and simpler icons to help consumers navigate the product.

Originally code-named "Low Rider," the Treo 680 is a world phone that will run on wireless networks equipped with GSM technology, which is widely used in Europe and Asia in addition to North America. The Treo 680 will be launched in the U.S. and available in other world markets by mid-2007.

The Treo 680's launch will be bolstered by a $25 million marketing campaign featuring several of Palm's partners, including Yahoo Inc. and eBay Inc. The campaign, designed by ad agency AKQA, will show how consumers can access those Web sites from the Treo device."

TreoCentral will be live at Palm's press conference, where this is expected to be officially launched. The conference begins in only a few hours (12:30 EST)


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