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Works with Treo 650

Weight 0.6 oz. / 1.9 g.

Availability Available


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Motorola HS 850 Headset from
TreoCentral Store

Motorola HS 850 Headset by Motorola

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The Motorola HS850 is a superior choice for seamlessly mobile lifestyles, improving over its popular predecessor, the model HS810, with longer talk times and Bluetooth 1.2 technology for rapid pairing, top-notch sound with advanced volume orientation technology, adaptive frequency hopping to minimize connectivity disruptions, as well as compatibility with Bluetooth 1.1 enabled devices.

The HS850 also delivers exceptional battery strength � boasting eight hours of talk time and 200+ hours of standby time and setting a high standard for on-the-move audio quality.

  • Compatibility with Bluetooth 1.2 and 1.1 enabled devices
  • Includes the latest Bluetooth 1.2 standard for better call quality, less interference and faster connections
  • Increased performance for up to eight hours of talk time and up to 200 hours of standby time
  • Foldable boom microphone for compact storage
  • Removable ear hook for placement on either ear
  • Multi-function button to control several functions including receive/answer/end calls, call hold and 3-way calling
  • Headset indicator LED to provide a visual cue regarding headset status
  • Neckstrap loop for convenience carrying

    See TreoCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

    User Opinions
    Thumbs Up  17% Thumbs Down 83%

    Would you recommend Motorola HS 850 Headset ?

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    Thumbs Down

    The rubber ear Shroud tears easily
    Then the unit becomes floppy, very unstable and sound is lost. Motorola does not offer replacement for the removable ear shroud.
    by Anonymous

    Thumbs Down

    Will not work w/Treo 680
    The pairing w/my Treo 680 was unsuccessful. Too much time spent in frustration.
    by Anonymous

    Thumbs Up

    It works great with my Treo 680
    I got this free headset with a Motorola phone from Costco (or actually this is the one Motorola replaced my old HS820 headset with when it went south on me). I love this headset. It works great with my new Treo 680 which I'm using on the T-Mobile network!
    by Anonymous

    Thumbs Up

    The easiest, clearest and you wont make a mistake by forgetting it is on, and well you know what happened next. with the wand you open on and closed off it is easy as that the best for the money.
    by Anonymous

    Thumbs Up

    Great with the Verizon 650 firmware upgrade
    volume used to be subpar at best. however, with the release of the new verizon firmware a little while back, it has worked great. The battery died on me today. Even though it is out of warranty Motorola is replacing it free of charge. Great mileage out of the product. (bought in Sept. 05)
    by Anonymous

    Thumbs Down

    Motorola HS 850 a poor choice for TREO 650
    I had Purchased the Motorola HS850 to replace my Motorola H700.(H700 worked very well but it fell and got crushed). 1)I found the battery draining after a day(standby mode) I exchanged it 2)Motorola H700 automatically answered when the phone rang. HS850 did not, I had to press the button each time. 3) I think I will go back to H700
    by Anonymous

    Thumbs Down

    Motorola should do better
    Motorola is known for its quality worksmanship, but this headset is a very disappointing surprise. Judging from the woefully bad sound quality (not to mention the befuddling connection problems) it's obvious that Motorola cut corners in making this device.
    by Anonymous

    Thumbs Down

    Quirky Connectivity - Static - Low Output
    This is my third Motorola headset - and the absoltue worst thus far. Pairing with my Tre0-700WX was a joke - it took six attempts to get the device to even go into the pairing mode. The calls sounded like I was wearing a mask and the static/feedback/echo was unbearable. What headset is the BEST for our beloved TREO ?
    by Anonymous

    Thumbs Down

    Poor Sound Volume
    Sounds like a broken record, but my experience is the same as most on this forum: poor sound volume. I even sent mine back for a replacement and got no better result.
    by Anonymous

    Thumbs Down

    Didn't work for me
    Worked with my 700p for a few days, then all of a sudden it stopped working, I paired it over and over, and still could not get it to work. Probably the same problem as the review a coupld down. Volume was poor also, when it did work for the first few days.
    by Anonymous

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