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Works with Treo 650

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Speck SkinTight case w/holster from
TreoCentral Store

Speck SkinTight case w/holster by Speck Products

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On the side of the case you will find molded ergo-grips that improve thumb typing comfort, and the rubbery skin material makes gives your Treo more grip on slippery surfaces! A hinged crystal clear plastic window protects your screen without affecting visibility, and simply flip the window open for full access the screen. You can also remove the plastic window completely.

Bundled with the SkinTight case is swivel clip holster that holds your rubberized Treo. The SkinTight is made out of Kraton, a special polymer that is silicone free, durable, tear resistant and will last a long time.

  • Slim fit with great protection
  • Non-slip and grippy feel
  • Screen Protection
  • Swivel Holster
  • Comes in 3 colors- blue, clear and black
  • Molded ergonomic grips improve thumb typing

    See TreoCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

    User Opinions
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    Would you recommend Speck SkinTight case w/holster ?

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    Thumbs Down

    Case causing hangs
    I've had my Treo 650 for 2 years, protected by a leather case that's getting stretched. I finally bought this Speck skin case (my holster is all plastic and looks a little different than this picture) and find that the case is causing my Treo to hang. Either it will be unresponsive and on the applications screen, or on with a blank white screen. At first I thought maybe the holster disengaging the SD card was the culprit, but today I carried it in a bag, without holster, and found it in the same blank screen state. Yanking the case off the Treo to reset, several times a day now, makes the case unusable. A pity, since I love the way it feels. Has anyone else had this hanging problem? I googled for it, but didn't find anything.
    by Anonymous

    Thumbs Up

    by Anonymous

    Thumbs Down

    great protection
    great protection for the phone, but one faded green (it was clear) and the replacement speck sent me is doing the same. At least with the clear case I can IR with the treo still in the case
    by Anonymous

    Thumbs Up

    great holster
    I love it. so you have to take it off to get to the sd crd/ir i only need to remove it if i want to add more songs. the case rocks. the inserting into teh holser takes getting used to but i love it
    by Anonymous

    Thumbs Down

    This product is ALMOST perfect, but...
    As you have seen in other reviews, this product has some problems. 1. The screen cover is a joke. Mine lasted for about 3 weeks before becoming so scratched up, it was useless. 2. The more you remove the phone from the case, the looser it becomes, hence the keys you depress may not be triggered. 3. If you work in dusty or dirty environments, the case begins to look very grungy in a short period of time. I sure wish they would improve the product, because it is a great idea.
    by Anonymous

    Thumbs Down

    Poor design
    I agree with the review, it is a very poor design. I'm very disappointed since I purchased a Speck case for my iPod v60g video which is wonderful. Feels like I wasted my money on this one... :-(
    by Anonymous

    Thumbs Down

    Almost useless.
    I bought this and while I like the rubbery case itself, the holster makes the case nearly useless. It fell out twice when I tried to put it in the holster, and it takes two hands sometimes to get it out to use it. I ended up missing several calls just trying to get it out of the holster. As for the cutouts for the SD card and the IR port, I was frustrated by the lack of the ability to synch via IR, until I took a common handheld hole punch and punched a hole in the case so I could use the IR feature. Cannot believe the company overlooked this. As for the SD card, I only use one large 2 gig card so it does not bother me and in fact I kind of like the fact that it holds the card in permanently. I also cut off the ridge of rubber below the screen since it made it hard to use the Select button. Used a razor blade to do that, which only detracted from the appearance slightly. And I got rid of the hard plastic screen since it just seemed to get in the way. So with a few hacks, this can be somewhat useful as a case. However, the holster makes this case nearly unworkable and I do not use it any more. Right now I have gone back to a standard generic belt clip case from Briggs and Riley that holds my "naked" Treo. I definitely risk dropping it and breaking it, but at least it does not hamper my use of the phone. I may look into a Sena case or a Vaja. They are expensive but seem like they are much easier to use, higher quality, and less problematic. Oh yeah, and one more thing about this case. If you try to put it into your pocket without the holster, good luck getting it out of your pocket without turning your pants inside out. I even tried using a camera pouch to hold the rubberized phone but it caught the fabric of that, too. I am disappointed that I spent nearly $35 on this when that money could have gone toward the purchase of a better case that actually functioned.
    by Anonymous

    Thumbs Up

    Great Overall Experience
    This is the best case on the market for durability, usability, and overall performance. Its grippy texture helps you keep a hold of it, the belt clip is sturdy and provides excellent protection for the all important screen! My only complaint is that there is no cut-outs for the SD slot and IR port. However the IR is still useable thru the case (clear version at least) but it is slow. One other annoyance is when I am holstering my Treo the clip can cause my SD card to eject due to its placement. Would I buy it again? You bet!
    by Anonymous

    Thumbs Down

    Agreed - Holster sucks so does service
    My first disappointment was the lack of any documentation on how to best use this product. But my main complaint is the poorly designed holster. I used this skin and holster for several weeks. Like the other reviewer, every time I removed my treo from the holster the SD card popped out. So I got into the habit of gently lifting up on the holster before removing the phone. Unfortunately, this caused the top plastic piece to break off after about 3 weeks. When I emailed Speck they told me they would send me a new holster. I never received it, and when I wrote again to ask about it they never replied. That tells me this company is not committed to customer satisfaction. Also, the hard plastic screen cover is good protection, but eventually the rubber nub that holds it down wears out and the lid will no longer stay closed. You can easily remove the lid and not use it.
    by Anonymous

    Thumbs Down

    Love the skin, hate the holster
    The skin is effective and protective. Definitely a good grip with moderate protection. The holster is terrible. Everytime I retrieve the phone, the clip causes my sd card to pop up. This causes me to lose my call and spend some time fiddling with the top to get my card back in.
    by Anonymous


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