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Works with Treo 650

Weight 24 oz. / 680 g.

Works with Treo 650 (CDMA only), Palm LifeDrive, T5, E2

Availability Available


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Altec Lansing inMotion iMT1 Mobile Audio from
TreoCentral Store

Altec Lansing inMotion iMT1 Mobile Audio by Altec Lansing

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Specifications (from the manufacturer's website):

  • An amplified extension of your Treo 650, the inMotion iMT1 replaces headphone listening and delivers high quality, crystal-clear sound.
  • A built-in microphone turns your Palm Treo 650 smartphone into a first-class speakerphone (CDMA models only.)
  • The inMotion iMT1 automatically recharges your Palm device when plugged in and docked.
  • Long battery life gives you complete freedom.
  • The compact speaker system goes just about anywhere you want to listen to music.
  • Lightweight and shock-resistant iMT1 gives your Palm device a powerful new way to play MP3 music files everywhere you go. And thanks to a built-in microphone, it turns your smartphone into a first-class speaker phone.
  • Compatible with Treo 650 CDMA models only.
  • Advanced Class D amplifier for maximum power and more than 24 hours of battery life (4 AA batteries not included).
  • Superior MaxxBass� technology for quality bass without a subwoofer.
  • Built-in dock for data transfer via USB 2.0 and Palm device recharge.
  • Compact design closes for convenient mobility.
  • Folds to 8.5� wide, 5.1� deep, and 1.7� high (216 mm x 130 mm x 44 mm).
  • Input jack for second device connection, including CD & DVD players.
  • One-year warranty (USA), two years in some other countries.

    See TreoCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

    User Opinions
    Thumbs Up  60% Thumbs Down 40%

    Would you recommend Altec Lansing inMotion iMT1 Mobile Audio ?

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    Thumbs Up

    it is bieng upgarded t the 700 seriers
    I like the rewie found here. However I was looking for the amps that power the 750 since I will be buying an annetena for it not matter what. this artical informed me of this device and now I want it too!
    by Anonymous

    Thumbs Up

    Also works with the Treo 700p
    It is awesome. Sounds as good as a home stereo system with the subwoofer. Who needs an ipod if you have pocket tunes. Hotsync, answer calls, charge you treo and listen to muisic. It doesn't get any better for treo phone and music fans.
    by Anonymous

    Thumbs Up

    Surprisingly decent sound
    The IMT-1 also holds and works with a Treo 700p perfectly even though the spec sheets say Treo 650, (it may have been released by Altec prior to Palm releasing the 700p in May, 2006).. and it has surprisingly decent sound for such a tiny unit. However the rubber volume control "buttons" take a ridiculous amount of pressure to work. It seems like they were designed the way they were purely for the sake of style rather than ease of use. What's wrong with simple physical dials or knobs or sliders instead of these silly rubberized buttons which take way too much pressure. Altec still sells an optional sub-woofer on their site for $50.00 but the unit puts out quality full-range sound without it. However do NOT buy this if your Treo is GSM unless you want to use it ONLY as a speaker system and charger. As a speaker phone, is designed for CDMA phones only. GSM phones put out a periodic tone that interferes with its usage as a speaker phone for GSM Treos
    by Anonymous

    Thumbs Down

    last post by ...
    The last post about the mic was done by: Dan McCarthy [email protected] I put my info in but I was marked as anonymous.
    by Anonymous

    Thumbs Down

    mic quit working
    I bought this in oct 05 and since then the mic does not work, so i cant use the speakerphone because no one can hear me. I emailed Altec Lansing and they did not reply; Bad customer service.
    by Anonymous


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