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Plantronics Pulsar 590a Bluetooth Stereo Headphones from
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Plantronics Pulsar 590a Bluetooth Stereo Headphones by Plantronics

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The Pulsar 590A uses multipoint technology to function as both a stereo headset for high fidelity listening, as well as a communications headset for use with mobile phones and other voice-enabled devices. The headset includes a telescopic voice tube with an omni-directional microphone for clear voice communications.

Its extended range capabilities provide users with great mobile freedom and enables them to listen to music or have conversations up to 33 feet away from their laptop, music device or cell phone. The Pulsar 590A provides up to 12 hours of talk time and 10 hours of listen time, so users stay in touch and in tune all the time.

The Pulsar 590A has a familiar headband wearing style with pivoting ear cushions that provide all-day wearing comfort. The portable, lightweight headset features a foldable design for compact charging and travel storage and ships with a full range of accessories, including a desktop charging stand, AC charger, USB charging cable, in-flight cable and travel case. The in-flight cable allows the headset to be used with the Bluetooth radio disabled, a requirement for most airline travel.

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Once you go wireless, you'll never go back
I have used these headphones for about a year, and really love them for working out. They worked great with my Treo 650, and even better with my IPOD Nano and the included adapter. The adapter comes with a velcro strip that I just attach to the velcro on my IPOD wrist band case. The sound is great and once you go without wires, you'll never go back. The only drawback is that I can't use the headphones wiresessly with my new Treo 680, since SAG hasn't been made compatible yet. Even when it is made compatable, I'm not sure I'll switch back to using a Treo to work out. I got the Nike + attachment for my Nano, and I kind of like the sexy female voice telling me I only have a half a mile left to run. (That a computer generated voice can be made to sound deep and sexy is a tribute to the sound qualtiy of these headphones, and nothing else should be concluded!) I do echo the comment on the flashing LEDs, except they can enhance safety when you run at night. My teenage son asked if I was going to pull somebody over during my run. (I was wearing the Pulsars (blue flashing LED) and a red LED safety flasher. He was insinuating that I resembled a squad car.) All I could think of during my run was Barney Fife saying, "Citzen's arrest, citizen's arrest!" One thing that the reviewer didn't mention was that the attachable cord lets you use these headphones on an air plane to tap into their sound system. All in all, despite ribbing from teenagers, these headphones are the ultimate multi-taskers and are really worth it.
by Anonymous


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