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Agendus V.11 for PalmOS from
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Agendus V.11 for PalmOS by iambic, Inc.

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  • Agendus Attendees Module:
  • Agendus Premier makes Scheduling Meetings simple and quick.
  • Sending Invitations: Simply choose contacts from your address book, create the meeting�s description, and Agendus will send a SMS (text message) immediately to the invitees.
  • Checking for Free Time: Agendus automatically scans attendees� schedules for availability and informs invitees if they have a conflict or not.
  • When the intelligent notification arrives, the invitee can accept or decline without delay right on their Treos.
  • Tracking Responses: Agendus keeps track of responses so you�ll know exactly how many people accepted, declined, or have not replied to your meeting in real time.
  • Agendus for Palm OS Professional Edition:
  • Works intuitively and brings complete integration among your calendar, memos, to-dos, and contact items
  • Advanced one-touch wizards, drag and drop functionality, Over-The-Air capabilities, and more than 16 different views to mix and match your tasks and calendar information
  • Full support for pictures, wallpapers and icons to make your smartphone fun and colorful
  • Easily integrates with your existing synchronization setup without the need to download and install any additional conduits or data managers.
  • High customization ability to do just about everything you want, exactly how you want it
  • To learn more, please search for Agendus for Palm OS Professional Edition
  • Agendus Mail SSL Edition
  • Unlimited wireless accounts--keep track of all personal and business emails with ease
  • Send/Receive POP and IMAP emails with native attachment support--attach any file from anywhere on your mobile device with or without a memory card
  • Desktop and wireless email synchronization--multiple sync options for acquiring your email
  • Integrated SMS client--handle your email and SMS all at once
  • To learn more, please search for Agendus Mail SSL Edition

    See TreoCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

    User Opinions
    Thumbs Up  67% Thumbs Down 33%

    Would you recommend Agendus V.11 for PalmOS ?

    Yes   No  

    Thumbs Up

    Lots of caveats
    I love the app but you have to be willing to put up with the bugs, which there are many. The 'support team' mostly consists of fans who overlook the flaws since they getto be part of the 'development team' (which is a paid position in most companies). If stability is your primary concern Agendus is not for you. But if you are willing to take some pain, there's plenty to like about the application.
    by Anonymous

    Thumbs Up

    LOVE IT.
    It isn't perfect. But close.
    by Anonymous

    Thumbs Down

    lack of customer support
    I tried it but it hi jacked the phone button on my Treo 700p and I can't anyone to respond to me. I would have purchased otherwise.
    by Anonymous

    Thumbs Up

    Growing with the product
    There are some stability/performance issues but the iambic team does plenty of updates and the support team seems to help out plenty. i actually feel like i'm part of the development process
    by Anonymous

    Thumbs Down

    Crashes too much - unreliable
    The program is way too unreliable and soft resets randomly while using the program (e.g. when building History for a particular Contact) or when starting it. There's a wealth of complaints on Iambic's user support forums to buttress my argument.
    by Anonymous

    Thumbs Up

    excellent program
    excellent program
    by Anonymous


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