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Download TinySheet 3.1

Color Yes

Size 181 K

Availability Available

TinySheet 3.1 by iambic, Inc.

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TinySheet is iambic's full-featured, Excel-like spreadsheet software for Palm OS devices! It offers direct synchronization with Microsoft Excel on Windows PC and now comes with the illustrative spreadsheet charts and graphing capabilities of TinyChart!

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User Opinions
Thumbs Up  56% Thumbs Down 44%

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Thumbs Up

Great GUI but slow conduit
This is one of the best color applications you can show off on your Prism. However, I would suggest not to use it for long data. There are some minor bugs but I could live with it.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

Poor Technical Support
I had the same issues as PBAB. It seem to me that Iambic pulled a Microsoft move by marketing a product before it was really ready to say they were first. I haven't try MiniCalc yet.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

MiniCalc Better. Iambic (TinySheet) Support Unresponsive.
Tinysheet was the first Palm spreadsheet program to support color, which greatly improves readability. But first is not always better. In April 2000 I first notice Tinysheet and was very excited about using this application with my new Palm IIIc for some medical applications. Unfortunately there was several bugs in the program and the conduit didn�t work. Over a month period I sent several emails to Iambic technical support but never received a response. I even tried two different email accounts with the same results. I personally don�t recommend Iambic for any applications.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Love it! Very convienent... It's not perfect, but its a hell of a lot better than carrying my PC Tower around!
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Great software
This is powerful software and the color support on my IIIc is exceptional! I love how closely it resembles Excel and how simple it is to use. And while I agree it, like most PC-based programs brought down to a little device, isn't perfect for overly gigantic sheets, I don't understand how someone can fault the program for this. Programs like this have made my job a thousand times easier and if I can't have every single spreadsheet in the world on my Palm, I can certainly compromise with what it does let me have. This is a superior achievement for the platform. Thanks for reviewing it.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Great for simple sheets...
An excellant app for taking simple spreadsheets out into the field with you.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

Chokes on moderate amounts of data.
I have to admit, that I love the idea of a Palm spreadsheet. I read good reviews of Tinysheet on this site and bought it for the introductory price of $19.95. After using TinySheet 3.12, I don't beleive I'll be showing it off with real-life data to my cohorts. I tested 3.12 with a simple phone list spreadsheet I downloaded via the conduit. There were 737 rows (737 employees) in the spreadsheet, with 4 columns (name, 4 digit extension, 5 digit mailbox, 15 character building ID). When scrolling down one row below the last row on the screen, the application repaints the screen, creating a blank screen for about a second and a half. Very frustrating if you're trying to scroll down to a particular row. The application is very slow on a moderate amount of data. It cannot keep up with your stylus clicks with this amount of data. I tried several things to optimize the speed, such as splitting the data into separate worksheets, but nothing helped the speed. I have a Visor Platinum with over 6.5mb RAM free. The Tinysheet spreadsheet that I used is approximatly 165k. Also, Tinysheet needs more built in support for the Stowaway keyboard. You can't use the arrow keys to navigate between cells. There is also no "find" feature. Granted, this is not an Excel replacement, but it is just not quite usable for those business users who want to download and use spreadsheets as a database of sorts. Overall, I'd say to save your money unless you keep your TinySheet spreadsheets, well, tiny. I'm looking forward to future upgrades. I'm sure they'll keep improving on this great idea.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

It's great!
Everything in TS works smoothly. Only one thing that makes me somewhat unhappy: it works slowly on large worksheets. However, TS is still the best buy, in view of its functions and price.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

Poor Support & Upgrade Policy
I agree with paying for upgrades but when there is a known bug in a release less than 1 year old, the customer should not have to pay for an upgrade to have the bug fixed. This is the case with TinySheet V2.6. The cost for the bug fix would be $19.95 X 2 which is only .05 less than the total cost of Quicksheet and lifetime upgrades.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

No Mac or InnoPak 2V
Although TinySheet 3x is a great spreadsheet in terms of features, I find the lack of Mac desktop support to be a major problem. Also, if Tinysheet 3x files are copied to the InnoPak 2V module, TinySheet will crash the handheld OS. The files must be removed from the module before Tinysheet can be used again (this does not happen with Quicksheet). I have reported this bug to iambic two times and have yet to receive a reply. Quicksheet may cost more and take up more space, but it works (very well) on both the handheld and desktop for both Mac and Windows. I guess it really comes down to your desktop needs, OS, and whether you use the InnoPak 2V. For me, Quicksheet has the definite advantage.
by Anonymous

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