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OS Palms OS 4.1H

Memory 16 MB

Processor 33 MHz Motorola Dragonball VZ

Expansion SD/MMC Cards

Input Method QWERTY keyboard

Color Bronze

Size 4.2 x 2.8 x .65 inches

Weight 4 oz.

Display Transflective color STN display

Availability Available

Treo 90 by Handspring

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It's sleek. It's slim. It's super-lightweight. The Treo 90 organizer with its built-in keyboard, color screen, 16 MB of memory and Palm OS compatibility, is Handspring's latest organizational tool.

Handspring's Treo 90 gives you everything you want in an organizer: 16MB of memory�enough space to hold thousands of records, all kinds of Palm OS applications, even databases and documents�Palm OS 4.1, a vivid color screen, built-in keyboard, super-fast processor and SD expansion capabilities�all in one super-sleek device. And it's rechargeable

The Treo 90 organizer is the smallest color Palm OS organizer on the market today. And at only 4 ounces, it's one of the lightest, too. Just slip it into your pocket or purse�you'll barely know it's there. The removable flip lid protects the full-color screen and built-in keyboard.

All built-in applications have been optimized for thumb keyboard navigation so now it's just as easy get to where you need to go as it is to enter everything you need to remember�without having to learn Graffiti. Plus, our special key lock feature lets you avoid accidentally turning on the organizer when it's in your pocket, bag, or briefcase�saving precious battery power.

SD expansion lets you store�and quickly access�tons of data. Or add all kinds of content�including games, photographs, video files, databases and more. Or back up your entire device�at any time, and without sacrificing size. And with a whole host of compatible Secure Digital (SD) and MultiMedia Cards (MMC) already on the market, you'll have all kinds of interesting options.

See TreoCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  86% Thumbs Down 14%

Would you recommend Treo 90 ?

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Thumbs Up

Beautiful, and powerfull
So small, elegant, and strong... I like keyboard, its better than those Graffiti. Treo 90 RULEZ
by Ripox

Thumbs Up

Really great PDA
I have used it for 3 months, and I can tell you. HE IS GREAT With Kinoma player, I can even watch movies, and for the best of all, movies are played by 52 FPS!!!
by Cykke

Thumbs Up

Excellent, Most Pocketable PDA Ever
I've owned too many PDA's (Palm, SOny, HP, Compaq, Toshiba) and Treo 90 is best hands down - WHY - it is small, light, built-in and unbulky screen cover, quick access with cover on, SD/MMC storage, good color (indoors - outdoors, I don't know how they can even claim it's transflective), did I mention small and light? It is the most shirt-pocketable PDA yet. Even better than the Palm M515 (which I owned) because it's not as wide and only slightly thicker (and that can be attributed to the built in cover).
by dstrauss

Thumbs Up

I have just updated to the TREO 90 from Visor platinum with Silkyboard.The keyboard is undeniably the future for handhelds IMHO.Contacts replaces Address book on the Treo, eliminating the ability to sort by company name. (not good)but \\\"Mobimate\\\'s\\\" CONTACT PRO, does a good job rectifing this and is an enhancement overall.
by dferrara

Thumbs Up

Super-small...and reliable!!!
There's not a lot to dislike about the Treo 90...it's easily the smallest (and lightest!) color PDA out on the market, so it's easy to tote around anywhere. The flip lid keeps the screen in fine condition. It's got good color; 12-bit might not be enough for some PDA-philes, but it's more than adequate for most users, especially given the bland color usage of most of the Palm operating system. The keyboard is a treat, as well; I never got into graffiti, so I was happy to have such a familiar alternative. I make few mistakes thumb-typing, and I've been taking down a lot more notes in my everyday life because of it! The only problem I've had thus far is keeping the stylus in it's silo; after the first week, it loosened so much that the stylus just won't stay put if the unit's turned over. A small piece of scotch tape around the base solved the problem, but it is rather irritating. All in all, though, it's the most impressive PDA I've ever owned!
by NocTurnerV

Thumbs Up

Excellent Value
As one of the left handed minority, I have frequently abandoned my PDA purchases out frustration and inefficiencies with hand writing recognition technology. Along comes my dream come true, a useful device with a quick and accurate keyboard for speedily input data. Yes I have to keep the stylus handy but this poses no problems for me at all given I can actually now use a PDA effectively. Highly recommended for those who need the basics.
by punchy_head

Thumbs Up

Good product
it is a good product which needs only a few upgrades to make it a great product.
by wyn

Thumbs Up

It's grrrreat!
It doesn't have graffiti functionality, but I'm relatively new to PDAs and found the keyboard comfy to use--it is a slight pain in the rear to type special symbols, like the underscore char, though. Only 12-bit color (4096 colors total) but is still quite vibrant--side by side with a Sony 615c and playing several of the color games like zap, I couldn't really tell a difference. It matters I think if you're viewing jpegs--with only 4k of colors, the image will appear washed out. What really impressed me the most was the battery life--the battery still have 50% of juice after 4 hours of non-stop/heavy(read gaming) usage. One downside though.. there's a patch of pixels in the upper-right corner of the lcd that appear brighter than usual--I read a similar story/review from someone else that claims it may be a common defect, so double-check the lcd before buying if you can. The defect is barely noticeable, but our brain/eyes will pick up on the slightest difference or pattern in something if it's there.
by TreoNine

Thumbs Up

Very nice!
I have enjoyed the Treo 90 immensely! It is the first Handspring product that actually fits in a shirt pocket. I miss grafitti, especially I had gotten to the point that I could write without always looking at the input pad; I don't think I will be touch-typing with my thumbs at any time in the near future! Nevertheless, the thumb keyboard is faster and leads to fewer mistakes, so I think I will easily grow used to it. The color is acceptable, at least indoors, and I LOVE the SD slot! Overall a great organizer, certainly worth the discounted $250 price at most office / computer stores.
by idservices

Thumbs Up

Great Handheld
Not the Prism..but still love it
by dfwjoe


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