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Works with Treo 180, Treo 180g and Treo 270

Availability Available

Treo Leather Belt Clip Holster by Leather International Products

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Made of premium leather and designed to complement the sleek design of the Treo, Leather International's belt-clip holster protects a lifestyle on the go. A unique custom-designed metal clip attaches it to your belt. Accompanied by a lifetime warranty, buy it with complete confidence from the designers at Leather International.

See TreoCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
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Thumbs Down

God case bad clip
The belt clip lasted only for a few days, I got a new one almost instantantly by post( very god) but it vas the same. The case on the cotrary is very good.
by barbengan

Thumbs Up

Great Quality and Functionality for the Price
By protecting the TREO without affecting my full 100% usage, I am very happy with TESKI case. The durable clip is very secure to the hip, and made not to damage my belt like others I have played with. In addition, the supple leather gives the case an attractive appeal to those who sees it and my myself. Well made! E: [email protected] T: Wholesale IT Networking and Server Solutions from 10-60% off List. (Cisco, Extreme, Juniper, 3Com, Nortel, and other brand names)
by integer

Thumbs Up

left hand available
After reading the reviews here I checked the Leather International web site and found that Teski now has a left hand version of the holster. They also replaced the magnet with a nice snap fastener. It holds securely but releases easily and quietly. The belt clip is also secure but does tend to poke you in the rib if not positioned just right. Over all I am very happy with the case.
by mchrest

Thumbs Down

Wrong Side/Considerations
People normally use left hand to hold the phone and the right hand to do other better tasks. PDA is also normally placed on the left hand and stylus on the right. So, this holster would be better if designed to be taken out by left hand instead, with the screen facing inward so that when pulled out it is ready for use. Another thing is the antenna - it would be better if this is included in the enclosure because it is the part most prone to break and obstruct. That would give a challenge to design to have a ready access to the buttons on top. It would be better to use a looped soft leather to securely attached the case to belt rather than a clip. Nevertheless, all the other features are great.
by samlagman

Thumbs Down

While the metal clip is very secure it also digs into your side. It needs some kind of covering to keep it from doing this
by codylah

Thumbs Up

Perfect holster case
I have had my Teski case for months now. I still love it. It is beginning to wear away at the corners and show some (love)scratches, but it is the best case for me. No velco, no neoprene, no stomach busting antenna jabbing vertical position, no protruding swivel clip. It is simple and elegant and luxurious. One gripe: I had to put some cloth tape on the back end of the snap (that comes in contact with the treo)to prevent scratching. I understand that this design issue was corrected in subsequent production...
by parenthetic guy

Thumbs Up

Incredible Service!
I have already posted one review, but Teski has come out with a new model (in fact it may be that they have reverted to the old model since the "new" model seems to be just like the review). In any case, so to speak, the magnetic latch is gone, replaced by a snap. I really liked this case before, but in response to a thread in the Treo 300 forum I contacted Teski and they are going to send me (free) one of the new models to replace my old one. This is really impressive service; I can't recommend this company enough.
by mathewlu

Thumbs Up

Stylish; highly recommended
I just received this case today; I was highly impressed. It fits the Treo perfectly and would not be out of place on the belt of a businessman in a suit. I disagree that the magnet is too weak; it's not particularly strong, but I don't understand the complaints of those who experienced their Treos falling out of this case. The Treo will not fall out when the flap is opened, unless something pulls it upward. I would recommend this case wholeheartedly.
by mathewlu

Thumbs Up

good case
leather is not coach-quality, but passable. business card flap inside is a nice touch can't use handsfree with it to dial; okay to receive calls nice snug, compact feel elegant wish i could fit an extra pen inside my has no magnetic stip, but a snap
by sparkky

Thumbs Down

Not what I thought
I was a little dissapointed with the design. It's that as easy as it could be to get the Treo out. What would be nice is if they cut the hole for your middle finger all the way to the top and then use thin metal inside the leather so it would keep it's shape. This would be the perfect design if I could slide my finger all the way through instead of it getting caught in the middle.
by slffl

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