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Talkin' Treo - v072707

Fri Jul 27, 2007 - 11:16 AM EDT - By Annie Latham

Week ending 27 July 2007

In a week that saw Apple stock bounce as the number of iPhones sold was bandied about and the stock market itself took a hit from credit market jitters, the world of Treo held it’s course. There’s been a steady stream of Foleo-related stories. Nothing frenetic like what happened with the iPhone. Security seemed to be on the mind of several stories and a news release from Palm. And everywhere I looked, there seemed to be the oh so stylish Jawbone headset.

So without further ado, Let’s Talk Treo!

Palm News

There weren’t any global expansion announcements this week. Rather, we saw a couple of others that were Microsoft-related.

Common Access Card System for Treos Now Available

This week, Palm announced the availability of a Common Access Card (CAC) solution for Treos that are running Windows Mobile 5.0 with Direct Push Technology. In brief, the CAC Pack addresses Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12, which requires all federal agencies to implement a system of smartcards that deliver a common, two-factor authentication method for physical doors, computers and smartphones in all federal buildings.

Windows Vista-Compatible Palm Desktop in Public Beta

Palm has posted on its Support site a public beta (6.2) of a version of the Palm Desktop that supports Windows Vista.

Note: This was also discussed in the Palm blog.

Talkin’ Foleo

This week, Palm announced the availability of more software for the Foleo.

TealPoint Software and Palm Bring Suite of New Applications for Foleo Mobile Companion

Palm and TealPoint Software -- a leader in mobile software solutions – announced they will be offering Foleo customers a full suite of new security, entertainment and productivity applications, including TealSafe, TealPaint, TealDiet, SudokuAddict and ShortCircuit, with more applications to follow.

“TealPoint Software has a longstanding relationship with the Palm OS community and has brought dozens of applications to market for Palm devices," said Mark Bercow, senior vice president of business development for Palm, Inc. "They're now taking that success and bringing it over to the Foleo to give customers a rich experience, whether editing a picture, solving a puzzle or keeping organized."

Six Apart's Blogging Software and Services to Support Palm Foleo

Six Apart, the world's leading independent blogging software and services company, and Palm announced they are working together to provide Foleo mobile companion customers access to Six Apart's wide range of blogging services, including Vox, LiveJournal, TypePad and Movable Type. With these services available on the Foleo, users will be able to keep blog and journal entries up to date and stay current with their communities while on the go. Palm’s Mark Bercow said:

"Six Apart's blogging applications take advantage of Foleo's large screen and easy-to-use interface, making it simple for customers to take photos with their Treo smartphone, upload them to their blogs, then use the Foleo to edit and add text.”

FoleoFanatics on the Sneak Peek

Alan Grassia wrote:

“The first Foleo Mobile Companion has clearly been designed with the mobile business professional in mind. From my brief time with the Foleo I was impressed by what I saw. The Foleo is a light-weight sturdy device that can easily be integrated into my regular business day.”

Note: In case you missed it, I offered my impressions earlier in the week.

More Sneak Peek Buzz

Ed Hardy at Brighthand posted this nugget:

“According to a report from someone who attended a sneak peek, the Foleo will use a 416 MHz XScale processor. This is in-line with previous comments from Palm, which warned that this device's processor isn't up to the job of running full-screen video on its 1024-by-600-pixel display.”
“Among the new software-related information to emerge recently on the Foleo is that it lacks built-in support for printing. In addition, users will need to switch files between a smartphone and a Foleo either with an SD card or by email, as they can't be directly exchanged with Bluetooth.”

News: First MP3 Player for the Foleo Announced

According to another story written by Ed Hardy at Brighthand:

“NormSoft is the first to announce it will release audio software for this device (the Foleo). This company is best known for its Pocket Tunes application for the Palm OS, which is bundled with many devices from Palm, Inc. Its audio application for the Foleo will also be called Pocket Tunes. At this point, NormSoft is giving no details about what features will be included in this upcoming application.”

Recent TreoCentral Guides, Reviews & More

Review: Aliph Jawbone Noise Shield Bluetooth Headset - By Harv Laser

It’s stylish, but does it function as well as it looks? Harv spent some time with the Jawbone Noise Shield Bluetooth headset by Aliph and provided his thoughts:

“The Aliph Jawbone Noise Shield Bluetooth headset is a spectacular looking product that comes in a drop-dead gorgeous display case. It's the creation of a very talented, upscale design firm, and features some truly innovative electronics to both squelch outside noise so you can hear and be heard, and a plethora of earloops and earbuds to help it correctly fit almost anyone who has ears.”

Note: Andrew at Treonauts did a write-up on the Jawbone this week as well.

Review: BlueAnt Supertooth Light Speakerphone - By Jay Gross

Jay tried out the newest edition to BlueAnt’s speakerphone portfolio – the Supertooth Light, which is considered the most powerful speakerphone on the market today. Is it truly roadworthy? Jay remarked:

“BlueAnt’s Supertooth Light performs exceptionally well with incoming sound, but falls a little short on the outgoing. Loud is good. Loud outgoing is good, too, and just as important.”

Note: For another take on on it, check out the review by Andrew at Treonauts mentioned in this column a couple of weeks ago.

Clue: Treo Software Update Roundup - By Jennifer Chappell

Jennifer is back again with her weekly roundup of what’s been updated and what’s new in software. This week she covered more than a dozen applications for the Treo, including: The return of Canuk Software, Keylight 2, Splash Travel, VITO Find Me, Volume Care Pro, Agendus and Agendus Mail, HealthCalc Pro, Ringo Mobile, Minimo, Missing Sync (several), Palmary Clock and InfoSafe Plus (PocketPC). She also provided info on Palm’s Audio Alert update for Treo 750.

Talkin’ TreoCast

In this episode, along with the usual news and reviews, the hosts discuss software (and software updates) and some rumors that are being kicked around. Also, this week, listeners got into the act, as time was spent responding to emails from the TreoCentral community.

Elsewhere in the World of Treo...

Review: Smartphone Experts UltraSlimHolster

Andrew over at Treonauts wrote about the Smartphone Experts UltraSlim Holster that is now available in many colors: Black, Brown, Copper, Crimson, and Arctic (AKA White).

“…the fact that the the UltraSlim Holster looks great is merely a bonus and the real benefit continues to be the fact that it offers the thinnest, lightest and slimmest Treo case – barely adding a few protective millimeters all around your smartphone (image below).. ”

Review: Palm Wireless Keyboard

Here’s another take on the Palm Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard. Last week I mentioned the review from Brighthand. Over at PDA Street, Joe Moran provided his thoughts:

“If you've got a Treo and do lots of typing from the road, the Palm Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth Wireless Technology can be a good investment in your sanity, not to mention a bulwark against thumbitis.”

Software Review: Opera Mini 4.0 (Beta)

Jamie Lendino at SmartDeviceCentral took a look at the Beta version of Opera Mini 4.0, “Opera Software's killer free browser for mobile devices.”

“With its two solid viewing modes and blazing speed, Opera Mini 4 is a great option for anyone who wants to power up his or her handset browser at no additional cost.”

Software Review: Call Block MP3 Ringtone Edition for Palm OS

Tim Carroll at PalmInfoCenter tried out a program that will let you block specific numbers, no-Caller-ID numbers or even entire categories of contacts in a few quick steps. Is it worth it?

“You betcha. That's even cheaper than getting a slave to answer your phone for you, if you factor in the gruel and housing costs. The mp3 support could use a little work, and the interface isn't incredibly beautiful, but it's perfectly stable and is highly configurable. Exemplary program. 9/10.”

Software Review: Splash ID 4.0

Alli Flowers at MyTreo.net checked out Splash ID 4.0 by SplashData, a program for storing your personal information securely.

“I used to keep photocopies of all my credit cards in case of theft, and I know people who still write their passwords down on their blotters or desk calendars. But there is a simpler solution: SplashID. If my wallet disappears, I only need to open up SplashID and call to cancel each credit card company using the information safely encrypted inside.”
…SplashID is easy to use, but customizable and versatile enough for the most demanding power user.”

It runs on both Palm OS and Windows Mobile-based Treos.

Software Review: Spb Wallet

Security seems to be a popular theme this week. Clinton Fitch of Clinton Fitch (Dot) Com! just reviewed Spb Wallet:

“For Windows Mobile users, electronic ‘wallet’ applications have been available for many years which have aided in keeping your personal information in an easy-to-access place while keeping it secure through encryption and passwords. The latest entry into this type of application comes from Spb Software House and is aptly named Spb Wallet. As you would come to expect from Spb Software House, Spb Wallet is an outstanding application. It is well written and highly secured - a 256-bit encryption key is used - yet it is quick and easy to access the information within the wallet file itself.
…While it is clear there are some areas for improvement in Spb Wallet - this is, after all, the v1.0 release - it is equally clear that the Spb team have done a great job with this initial release. “

News: SplashData Announces All New SplashID 4.0

SplashData has announced a major update of its top-selling SplashID password manager for Palm OS handhelds and Treos. The new version, SplashID 4, offers a host of new features that enhance security, convenience and connectivity.

News: EXPN Goes Mobile

Just in time for the annual X Games event, ESPN, MediaFLO USA and Verizon Wireless announced they have teamed up to deliver the first mobile TV channel dedicated to “action sports.” This new mobile TV channel, EXPN on V CAST Mobile TV, will bring all the action of X Games 13 -- including live competitions, behind-the-scenes coverage and commentary -- to mobile phones. EXPN will be available for the duration of X Games 13. Live coverage starts at 11:30 a.m. Pacific on Thursday, Aug. 2.

“This mobile TV first demonstrates how the FLO TV service is changing the way people watch sports," said Dan Novak, senior vice president of programming and advertising, MediaFLO USA. "With insider access to this flagship event, on-the-go sports fans can be a part of the action wherever they happen to be."

Verizon Simplifies YouTube Video Uploads

According to this story from James Quintana Pearce at MocoNews, Verizon is allowing subscribers to record video with their phones and upload the clips directly to YouTube via a shortcode once they’ve registered their mobile numbers with the site.

“The service is free except for messaging charges (how nice of them) reports RCR News. This is such an amazingly obvious service it’s unclear why it wasn’t offered earlier… RCR also describes this as “another exclusive deal” between the two companies, which is absolutely crazy. It would be far better for YouTube and no big loss to Verizon if the service was offered regardless of carrier. I suspect there are third party companies/applications which do this.”

Note: In an update to this story, James notes that Kinoma has a YouTube Uploader. You may recall that TreoCentral’s Harv Laser reviewed Kinoma and gave it high marks.

News: A&E Goes Mobile

A&E Television Networks has launched mobile versions of A&E Network and The History Channel, available through MobiTV’s network to customers of AT&T Wireless, Sprint Nextel and other mobile carriers in the United States.

News: Video Chat on Your Mobile

According to this story from The New York Post, this week, AT&T launched “Video Share,” which lets you send live video signals via cellphone. But the video signal works only one way at a time - and the system requires both sides to have one of four video-capable phones.

“For example, if you’re out shopping, you can call your friend and send a live-stream video of the dress you’re considering, while asking her opinion via speakerphone. The other side sees the video and can speak back, but cannot send back a video simultaneously. The reach will be limited at first, as most people don’t have capable phones, which start at $50.”

Here’s some news that didn’t make it into last week’s column.

The New York Times ran an interesting story (“When the Trill of a Cellphone Brings the Clang of Prison Doors”) talking about how cellphones are being used to take a bite out of crime.

In another New York Times story (“Reaching More Customers With a Simple Text Message”) Bob Tedeschi wrote about how some online retailers have found success advertising on the mobile web. He mentions an outdoor goods retailer, Moosejaw Mountaineering that sent out text messages earlier this year to more than 1,000 of its customers who had signed up to receive them. “The campaign caught on quickly, with recipients often sending messages back to the retailer and receiving loyalty program points as a reward.”

Game News:

According to a post that appeared at PalmInfoCenter, Industry Entertainment has updated its popular game Jack BBQ. This 2D platform brings to you the fun of "jump & run" and a lot of brain exercise while solving delicate logical problems. The objective is to find the exit of the each level (which is well hidden by doors and guarded by unfriendly monsters). There are five levels of play, 300 rooms to explore, 15 enemies to fight, and more. It will work on Palm OS-based Treos.

Talkin’ Free Software!

ZAGAT TO GO is offering 1,500 FREE 365-day subscriptions to ZAGAT TO GO for BlackBerry, Palm and Windows Mobile devices, courtesy of Visa Signature. ZAGAT TO GO gives you access to ratings and reviews of thousands of restaurants, nightspots and hotels throughout the world as well as the best US golf courses. Go here to register. Also, note that these are available on a first come, first served basis (while supplies last) and only those with BlackBerry, Palm, and Windows Mobile devices are eligible to apply. Also, this offer is not available to existing ZAGAT TO GO subscribers and only one free subscription per individual is permitted.

Endnotes & Ponderables:

Back to School Special

PopGadget has pointed this one out: Jansport has created a Bluetooth backpack, called LiveWire, that offers full remote control of your iPod functions and Bluetooth compatible phone technology, while still carrying your laptop in a cushioned compartment. And after all that, there’s still room for text books. That’s one “Power Ranger” of a backpack!

And, that’s a wrap!

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