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TreoCentral TreoCast Episode 31

Tue Oct 30, 2007 - 7:59 AM EDT - By Dieter Bohn, Mike Overbo

For October 30th, 2007

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This week the TreoCast is not sponsored by the TreoCentral Store. Instead, it's sponsored by CentroDepot, where you can get a wide selection of Centro accessories, cases, and more.

Screen Protectors - $14.95 Seidio Holster for Centro - $24.95 Headphone adapter for Centro - $5.95



Dan writes in

I'm a Treo 700w user and I'm sick of trying to use it as my music player. But I really like the tactile buttons that a treo has (as opposed to an iPhone). I'm considering just getting one of those tiny iPod Nanos and having a cheeper treo (centro) for my main phone/scheduler/contacts/docs device. Do you know if the centro would be WAY better than my Treo 700w at handline media? I want my iTunes playlists in my device. I do this on my 700w via MissingSync, but when the device turns off for too long it looses it's place and then I have to reload the library ... blah, blah, blah.

Basically - yes. Although in later emails Dan noted he ended up with the 755p. Also a fine choice. Consider getting the full version of PocketTunes or take a look at mOcean

Markus writes in:

Well, with a little third party software this is possible! By using ["2LaunchMe" from MetaViewSoft](http://www.metaviewsoft.de/en/Software/PalmOS/Freeware/Other/index.html) you can assign any application (or even DA) to a key of your choice (e.g. "M" for launching "Memos" or "C" for the calculator).

...so actually we were complaining that you can launch apps in PalmOS and not WM with button presses, and now you have to go and rub it in and say you can launch apps anywhere with a button press on PalmOS. ..We kid, we kid. ;-) Anyhow, check out 2LaunchMe if you're a PalmOS user.

Ron wrote in with some praise for the TreoCast. We couldn't read it on air because we didn't want Dieter to get too choked up.

Brian writes in:

Resco Backup offers to prevent DB cache fragmentation - why does it matter to memory that is not hard disc based?  I understand why hard drives need defragmentation to place files in the proper physical order on the discs for easy reading by the head so, is there any value to "defragmenting" a Treo's memory or SD card?

Even though RAM isn't made up of magnetic platters, data is still "placed" -- so to speak. And stuff like TomTom and Blazer need big blocks of memory, per this post in Resco's forums

Lawrence writes in, offeirng a Treo 180g. Appreciate the offer, but I turned it down - couldn't justify overnight shipping from Hong Kong to get it in time for CTIA.



Thanks to the TreoCentral Store for sponsoring the TreoCast. You can email the TreoCast at [email protected] or leave us a voicemail at 800-557-6819 x222.

Music comes from ccMixter.org, a great Creative Commons music site. Our specific music is the following:

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