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(Still) Unofficial Guide to GPRS

Tue Oct 1, 2002 - 10:04 AM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

New Features

You now hopefully have an upgraded Treo in front of you. Here is a partial list of changes due to the upgrade.

General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) enabled!

GPRS is a way to connect to the Internet. Some of the major features of Treo's GPRS support are:

  • An always-on, persistent Internet connection. You no longer need a dial-up modem connection to get on the Internet. Once you establish a connection to the GPRS network (takes around 5-7 seconds), your unit will remain connected until you either leave the coverage area or disconnect. This comes in handy for sending quick emails or accessing a Web page immediately to check the weather or a stock price.
  • Faster, more reliable data delivery than a regular dial-up connection - around 28.8kbps receiving and 14.4kbps sending.
  • You're charged only for the data you send and receive - so you can stay connected 24/7!

New Mute Button

The Treo communicator now have microphone mute button - allowing you to manage conference more effectively and provide user flexibility

Instant Access to Speakerphone

You no longer have to wait for a call to connect to access the speakerphone function.

Faster Contact List

Improved speed when looking up and dialing names from the Contacts list.

Enhanced navigation between voice and data functions

If you are in the middle of a data session and you receive a voice call, Treo will give you the option to answer the call or send it to voicemail. If you answer the voice call, it will put the data call on hold and resume downloading once you have completed the voice call.

Better Web Browsing on Blazer

On a Treo 180 and 180g you can now use the rocker switch on Treo to scroll and click on embedded links in Web pages for one-handed navigation. You can also enter text directly into Web pages-no more waiting for a text window to pop-up. (Functionality already exists on Treo 270.)

Better SMS

Hyperlink support in the SMS application - email addresses, phone numbers and web urls in the messages are now actionable with the jog switch or the stylus

Call Barring

You can now bar certain incoming and/or outgoing calls.

Various Updates and Fixes

Minor updates and bug fixes for the Phonebook and SMS application.

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