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Palm Treo Pro Now Available on Vodafone

Mon Sep 22, 2008 - 3:54 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


We reported recently that the Treo Pro was available for pre-order in the UK. Well, I just now read at CoolSmartPhone.com and Engadget Mobile that the Treo Pro has just popped up on the Vodafone Business site with prices ranging from Free to £340.43 depending on contract. I see that's a different price from what I reported earlier in the UK pre-order article. The price was £399.00. But that wasn't for the Vodafone Bussines site. It was Palm's Eurostore site.

Looks like Vodafone is offering a free Bluetooth handsfree car kit worth £50. When Palm started taking pre-orders on their U.S. site, they were offering a Free Treo Pro International Power Adapter, which normally costs $39.99.

And speaking of Palm's U.S. site, they're now offering the Treo Pro unlocked for Buy Now rather than pre-ordering. Under Availablitly, it still states Usually ships in 2 - 3 weeks. Now if I've already written that up somewhere, I apologize. It's going on 4 am here so my peabrain is sort of fuzzy at the moment. ;-)

Some of our forum members have already pre-ordered their Treo Pros and some have already received theirs. These threads make for some great reading, so be sure to head over there and see what's going on.

I ordered my Treo Pro on September 9th and sure do hope that it gets shipped soon. My order status still states, "Back-ordered". *BooHoo* :-( There's even a thread in the forums entitled "Anyone in the US get theirs yet?". Be sure to check out that thread too, and if you ordered your Treo Pro via Palm's site and have received it, please chime in over there and let us know.

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