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Sprint to Debut Windows Mobile Treo with Power Boost!

Mon Jan 12, 2009 - 3:24 PM EST - By Annie Latham

Not to be forgotten... Treo Pro for Sprint (the Windows Mobile based smartphone) is about to debut. There are reports circulating that the Palm Treo Pro has gotten its FCC approval for CDMA. And according to a post by Malatesta at our sister site, WMExperts.com, it shares the powerful 1500 mAh battery of its GSM brother which is a tremendous "boost" over the 1150 mAh in the current Windows Mobile Treo being carried by Sprint (the Treo 800w).

You'll recall that the weakness of the Treo 800w's battery has been pointed out by a number of reviewers, like Adama D. Brown, Brighthand.com, who wrote:

"I'm not at all happy with the Treo's battery life. It's just barely adequate for use as a phone -- add Direct Push, or a little Wi-Fi use, and you're sucking down battery power like it's icewater in the Gobi Desert. Heavy users had best plan to either leave chargers lying around wherever they go, or buy a larger extended battery."

The Treo Pro, with its WiFi and GPS capabilities will certainly be a battery hog, so this is great news for Sprint customers.

Malatesta also points out some other interesting tidbits from the FCC documents which mostly have to do with when the filing took place (September 12), which was just weeks after the Treo 800w was released. So there is some speculation about the timing of the 800w vs. the Treo Pro.

The takeaway, for sure, is that Palm is working really hard to get back into the game. And based on what happened to the favorites in the NFL playoffs over the weekend, who knows? They could be contenders.

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