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FAQ Update

Wed Jul 14, 2004 - 11:19 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

The TreoCentral FAQ announced last week has had an excellent start. We now have 82 FAQ entires with 20 new FAQ entries coming from TreoCentral users this week. That is a 32% growth for our FAQ. We're on our way to 100 entries, but there are still thousands of questions that have gone unanswered. Did you have your question about the Treo answered on our forums? Do you have an interesting tidbit of information to share about the Treo 600? Write an FAQ entry that gets published for your question, and be entered to win a $20 gift certificate to store.treocentral.com (Thank you to store.treocentral.com for the donation)

Our first winner is Capt Dumb Dumb for the FAQ entitled "Tips on using T-Mobile's MyEmail service SMTP for outgoing e-mail". Thank you Capt Dumb Dumb for posting this FAQ, and good luck to all users in the future.

The TreoCentral FAQ is a fully community powered, moderated, rated, and searchable FAQ. The FAQ has been seeded with the old FAQ from treo.tc, however there are few entries, and some of them are outdated. The goal of this sytem is that our FAQ will be "live" - adjusting to whatever new information, or new solutions are available for the Treo. It relies solely on users helping out, hence the communty powered description.

Community powered means that TreoCentral users submit the FAQ entries. If you were to ask a question on the forums, and it gets answered, you can keep that knowledge enshrined in an FAQ entry forever. Moderators will then review it for accuracy and spelling before making it live on the TreoCentral.com website. Community powered also means that if anyone has a correction to make, or an addition to make on an existing FAQ, only one click of "Flag For Review" is needed to send a message to moderators to correct or change that FAQ entry. It's simple.

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