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Improve your Treo

Fri May 24, 2002 - 12:33 PM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

Ringtone Managers

Since the Treo was introduced, several companies have produced applications that improve the Treo in many different ways. Today we are going to take a look at some of these applications, starting with Ringtone Mangers.

The Treo only comes with a few ringtones, and none of them are very exciting. With a Ringtone Manger application you can added new tones and features to the Treo.

One of the first Ringtone Managers released was MonkeyRinger by Primate Systems ($6.95). MonkeyRinger lets you compose, edit, and install new ringtones onto your Treo. The program features a full tone composition module that lets you compose ringtones on a virtual keyboard.

Electric Pocket has Ringo ($9.95), already in version 2.0. Ringo also features a virtual keyboard for composing ringtones. In addition, Ringo lets you set personal ringtones for individuals or groups. However, you need to add each person to Ringo's own database before they can be recognized.

Finally we have TC Ringer ($14.95 with five free ringtones of your choice). Yes, I am a bit biased here since TC Ringer was my concept, but it is a great application. With TC Ringer you can easily assign ringtones to both groups and individuals - so you will know who is calling just by the tone played. And TC Ringer works in conjunction with your existing Address Book, so it is very easy and convenient to configure. You simply assign a ring tone to individual or group from your Address Book, and when they call TC Ringer's Caller ID recognition matches the person with your assigned ring tone, and starts playing the right tone.

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