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Works with Treo 270

Screen 12-bit passive matrix color

Battery Life 3 hrs talk, 150 hrs standby

Color Steel Gray

Processor 33 MHz Motorola Dragonball VZ

OS Palm OS 3.5.2H

Weight 5.4 oz.

Other Features Jog rocker, Ringer switch with vibrate option, Headset jack, Personal speakerphone, Protective flip lid, GPRS upgradeable upon availability, Microphone, Backlit keyboard

Size 4.2" x 2.8" x 0.82"

Memory 16 MB

Availability Available

Treo 270 by Handspring

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The Treo 270 is full color and is smaller than any other Palm OS handheld. But don't let the size deceive you. This stylish communicator has been jam-packed with features without compromising functionality or ease of use.

Talk The Treo communicator does everything your mobile phone does. And more. That's because this dual-band world phone has all the features you expect in a phone, like speed dial, three-way calling, and call history. Plus, it has extra features like full integration with the built-in PhoneBook so you can dial direct from your contact list, a personal speakerphone and more.

Organize It's easy with this feature-rich Palm OS organizer. With 16 MB of memory and a fast processor, the rechargeable Treo communicator has it all�Date Book Plus, PhoneBook (an improved Address Book), To Do List, Memo Pad, and more. Plus, you can install thousands of other cool Palm OS applications. Already have another Palm OS device? No worries. You can transfer your existing data to your new Treo communicator with ease.

Send And receive email and short messages. And do it all wirelessly. Now it's easy to read and send email from virtually anywhere. And, if your message is short, you can send an SMS text message to other mobile phone users in your network or even to an email address.

Browse Now you can access the web from just about everywhere. Every Treo communicator comes with Blazer��the award-winning wireless web browser�so you can access virtually any web site, not just those sites optimized for mobile access. Get directions, confirm your flight, check the weather�and see it all on the Treo communicator's organizer-sized screen.

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User Opinions
Thumbs Up  83% Thumbs Down 17%

Would you recommend Treo 270 ?

Yes   No  

Thumbs Up

Good PDA decent phone
Good as a PDA decent as a phone, battery life is not that great esxpecially when phone is on or talking. Good as a PDA though, fairly dependable, though not rugged I droped mine and I had to have it replaced. Tech support is really hard for it since it is discontinued though, I would recommend a newer model.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Worth the money
Used my 270 every day for 2 yrs until replacing it with a 600. Battery life could be better. SIM hatch problem solved by taping over the hatch. But hey, these devices are soooo cheap now. If you want a low cost Smartphone get a Treo 270
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

serious design flaws!
I purchased my treo 270 in late november. It sounded like it would fulfill all my desires. But like all things akin to that kind of bravado, it fell far short of what it delivered. The first treo 270 worked fine for about 3 weeks. I could complain about the short battery life and difficulty with the phone, inasmuch as problems with the volume, etc... but far beyond that, was the chronic problem with the sim card door. I had to trek three times to local T-mobile store to have the card replaced within three weeks. Finally, after 5 calls and sitting on the phone with Handspring's tech center, complaining about this chronic problem, they agreed that perhaps I had a defective unit and agreed to replace it. Within two days, I did receive this "new" unit, and reinstalled everything once again...only to go through virtually all the same problems that I had with the first unit that I received within two weeks. Again, sim card problems! To say the least, I was seriously peeved! Again, after repeated calls to Handspring's Tech Ctr, they agreed to replace the unit again.The last tech that I spoke with suggested that I bend the little clasp on the sim card door in order to get a better and tighter connection with the rest of the device. I suggested to him that after all the problems that I've had with their device that this appears to be a design flaw. I inquired if other customers have run into this dilema, and he admitted that this was not an uncommon problem. At this point I insisted on speaking to a manager...three days later she called. Only from her, I found out that my replacement pda was actually a "refurbished" model...which infuriated me, considering this is quite an expensive "toy". She agreed that I should receive a new replacement for my purchase, considering the very short timeframe that I have been using their "wonderful device. It's now been two weeks since I received the new device, and as of today, I again have run into the chronic problem of "unable to "locate the simm card." If I forcefully press on the sim card door with my forefinger, and firmly grasp the rest of the device, I found that I can indeed make a call or connect to the web! Oh Joy!!! Tomorrow, I again will go through the same hoops that I've now been jumping through with Handspring that I've been doing for the past two months, however, this time I will insist on a full refund for this seriously flawed device. Handspring needs to redesign the simm card door, in order to fix this flaw.If they don't want to do that, perhaps they should package another dozen or so doors with each device that they sell. The Treo 270 itself, if it worked, is a brilliant and compact device. I seriously doubt that I'll ever buy another one of their products again, and could ever recommend that one of my clients or friends purchase this particular device.
by duchamp1952

Thumbs Up

I have become TREO 270 Dependent
Sometimes I have a recurring nightmare that I leave home without my Treo270...I panic, become sweaty, then finally I find it in my pocket and relax. Sure, in bright-lighting the screen is hard to read, but it rox in low/no light. I love my Treo, having had it since July 5, 2002. Kudos to Handspring (they beat Palm at their own game)
by itizlala

Thumbs Up

A good piece of equipment
This is a very good piece of communication equipment cum PDA functions. I had try numbers of such equipment, maybe I am much pro on Palm OS compared to PPC. However, I still find it serving me well. To be frank, this is my 4 replacement Treo 270 from Grandtech the distributor in asia. At first is kind of angry with it problem, but since the Grandtech is so helpful and ensure its' customer is always happy. I think the set has it credit.
by cyberzodiac

Thumbs Up

Great for light phone users
I've been using the Treo 270 for about 4 months now. For me, it's definitely the best pda/phone device out there. It's not perfect though. I wish the battery would last a little longer, with moderate usage I can get 2 days out of it. The volume is a little low when i'm talkig to someone. Somtimes it's hard to hear while outside. It'd be nice to have an SD slot for extra memory and backups. If you're going to use the phone part of it a lot, I wouldn't recommend this thing. But if you are like me, mainly use only the PDA part (light phone use), want to browse the web/email anwywhere. Then highly recommend the Treo 270.
by Distrachi

Thumbs Up

Good Fnctionality, Poor Product Design....
I think Treo 270 is great in terms of integrating a mobile phone into a Palm OS device. It is really convenience. However, when I take out my Treo 270, all my friends (since I'm working in industrial industry) think it's appearance is ugly (although it's designed by the famous IDEO firm), especially the hinge looks like an "add-on" feature after completing the design. The Motorola newest PDA phone's design looks much better, but it's a monochrome device and it's not running on Palm OS, otherwise, I'll buy that one. But overall, Treo 270 is a Palm OS PDA phone with excellent function, poor appearance!
by hkgameboy

Thumbs Up

Chance to CHANGE your life style !
T270 something that would certainly change your life style, at least it did to me. BEFORE, I carried my DATA in bits and pcs of paper, digital diary in one hand, my Cell in another, NOW, I have one device that has all. It needs more feature improvements though, but I can live with whats available, besides, wonder how long would it take for Handspring Middle East to develop an Arabic software, they promised 1 month, it has crossed 7 now !!!
by TheSpark

Thumbs Up

Great device.
I have had one for about two months now and I LOVE it. It still have remove for improvement (what doesn\'t) but it is a truly usable and functional palm-phone combo. I have been waiting for this for a long time.
by kwinters

Thumbs Up

Nothing like it out there!
It's all been said. And The Treos will get better.
by madcoweater

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