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The future of Palm OS: the ACCESS Linux Platform
ACCESS, the owners of PalmSource and Palm OS, today announced the future of Palm OS: the ACCESS Linux Platform.

Final version of Opera Mini released
The alternative web browser comes out of beta and is officially released for the Treo and other smartphones

PdaNet for Treo 700w now available
With the release of PdaNet for Windows, you can now use your Treo 700w as a high-speed modem for you laptop.

Google makes mobile Gmail easier
The company adds a mobile view to the venerable web mail service.

Butler 3.4 released
New version of the Treo utility adds remote locking abilities for stolen Treos

Documents To Go Premium Edition 8 released
The new version of the office software adds native PDF support.

The Missing Sync 5.0 released
The venerable Mac synchronization application gains improved Address Book and iCal support under Mac OS X 10.4.

E911 firmware update released for Sprint users
The update can be downloaded either directly to a Treo 650 or synchronized from a desktop computer.

Blackberry Connect finally comes to Treo
A short two years since it was announced(!), Blackberry Connect is finally almost ready for the Treo (although only through select carriers).

Treo 650 Updater 1.04 for Verizon Wireless
Palm has released the 1.04 updater for Verizon Wireless, which includes optimized memory handling and an improved user interface for multiple call scenarios.

Documents To Go to receive PDF support
The product will be released later this fall.

MobiTV on the Treo 650
MobiTV is now available for Treo 650 users in the U.S. on Sprint, Cingular, and Verizon networks.

Opera Mini for the Treo
The desktop browser alternative comes to the Palm OS

Avoid jams with Traffic
Palm today announced Traffic, an application that will help Treo customers navigate traffic-jammed commutes.

Software update for Cingular Treo 650 released
Similar to the previously released Sprint and GSM update, the newly released Cingular update optimizes memory handling and offers various software improvements.

Verizon Wireless firmware update released
New 1.03 version improves wireless synchronization and roaming for Verizon users.

Pocket Tunes 3.1 now supports WMA DRM
Pocket Tunes Deluxe 3.1 now plays songs from several online music stores and services.

Skin your Treo
A new beta application doesn't just change the colors of title bars, but also the shapes of every scrollbar and button. Make your Treo look like Palm OS Cobalt or Apple OS X today.

How do you setup the new Bluetooth DUN?
MAKE: Blog posts an informative windows HOWTO for setting up Bluetooth DUN on your Sprint Treo 650.

Major updates for Sprint and unlocked GSM Treo 650
Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking, VersaMail fixes, additional Bluetooth Car kits support, and post-dial delays have been addressed in a newly released ROM update for the Sprint PCS Treo 650. For unlocked GSM users, there is a matching ROM update that also fixes the NVFS memory issues.

AOL Sync for Treo
AOL has released "AOL Sync for Treo" which allows for over-the-air synchronization of AOL Address Book and AOL Calendar directly into the Treo's native Contact and Calendar applications.

Voice Dialing updated, still no Bluetooth support
palmOne has released an update to the Treo 650 Voice Dialing software. Unfortunately, there is still no Bluetooth support.

Syncing multiple devices in Tiger
If you have upgraded to Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, there is a nasty surprise if you sync with more than just the Treo

Mac OS X 10.4 HotSync Implications
Some details on Palm HotSync and The Missing Sync compatibility for the upcoming OS update

Sprint Treo 650 Updater 1.08
palmOne today released an update for the Sprint Treo 650 that addressess call quality and memory management issues.

The Missing Sync Updated to 4.0.4
The synchronization program for the Mac offers fixes for several Treo issues

Fighting Cancer using the Treo
American Cancer Society launches C-Tools 2.0, an application that provides instant access to cancer information.

PalmOne fixes Sprint 650 Roaming
If you have trouble making or receiving calls while roaming on a Sprint 650, PalmOne has released a new patch that may help you.

Java available for Treo 650
The WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environment Toolkit v5.7.1 is now available from PalmSource, with support for both Treo 650 and 600.

New version of AvantGo
Lots of new features, but still no official Mac version

Bluetooth Carkit Update
palmOne has released a bluetooth Carkit update for the Treo 650 which increases functionality with certain car kits.

Rough WiFi for Treo 650
TreoCentral member shadowmite, with the support from many other members, this evening released a rough but working WiFi driver for the Treo 650.

Play AAC songs on the Treo
Yes Virginia, there is an AAC player.

Game emulators updated for the 650
Kalemsoft has released Treo 650 compatible versions of their NesEm (NES) and Gizmo Ultra (Gamegear/Master System) emulators. Start playing!

VersaMail available for 600, but at a price
VersaMail 2.7 email software is now available for Treo 600 smartphones, but it will set you back $30.

Treo 650 DUN patched!
Less than a week after the Treo 650�s release, TreoCentral reader showmite has figured out a patch to enable Dial-Up Networking.

Intellisync Mobile Suite 6 Software
A Next-Generation Solution Enables Mobile Professionals to Connect to Corporate Applications from Any Enabled Device, While Expanding IT Security & Policy Enforcement

Exchange out-of-the-box
palmOne plans for Exchange Server integration "out-of-the-box" on future Treo smartphones.

Important SnapperMail Update
If you use IMAP on SnapperMail 2.0, make sure to download the latest version. The Developers are boasting a 1200% increase in speed of sync times over previous versions.

Hobbyist Software Updates
Butler now Version 2, new features for Phone Technician and new price for Arrow Launcher

PalmOne Updates Treo Portal
PalmOne has updated the graphics on their mobile portal, replacing the original Handspring design.

21,000 bit dynamic encryption IMAP email client
VeriTouch is seeking fifty beta testers for their new secure email client, Mirage.

Coming Soon: Causerie Instant Messenger
A new Instant Messenger system has been announced and will be released in two weeks. Multi-platform support and "bots" are key features.

WideFind for Treo
Electric Pocket releases a new software application adds system-wide Google search to the Treo 600.

Chapura updates Keysuite
Chapura updated their KeySuite Outlook Syncronization product, adding full support and integration for the Treo 600.

Car Kit Update
PalmOne has posted an updated Car Kit application for users of the CDMA Treo 600.

Hurricane Tracker
With the help of TreoCentral users, Carl Quick has written Tracker, born out of a need to keep abreast of what the latest tropical storm or hurricane in the Atlantic basin is doing.

funSMS 4 for Treo
If you rely on SMS on your GSM Treo 600 you may want to check out the new funSMS 4 program for Treo.

MailWave Updated
A subscription email service for IMAP and POP3 servers has been updated.

Chatter Update
Chatter Email, a new IMAP email client for Treo, has hit its 9th beta release. Download and discuss in TreoCentral's new Chatter Email Developer Forum.

SnapperMail 2.0 Final
The long awaited, long in beta, SnapperMail 2.0 email client for Treo has been released. The most important improvement is IMAP4 support.

Agendus Mail
Iambic released a new IMAP mail client for the Treo today.

Ringo for Treo Final
The final version of Ringo 4.0, the ringtone management application for Treo 600 has been released.

Handango discounts for Treo software
Inside are two coupon codes for 15% off and 25% off Palm OS software at Handango.com

Chatter IMAP email
The creator of the popular IM application, IMChatter, has created a new standalone IMAP email client for the Treo 600 and released it in beta form.

More Athens 2004 on your Treo
Handmark's Express service is offering as many as 100 Olympic Reuters stories each day. A free thirty day trial is available for those who want free Olympic coverage.

Documents To Go 7
DataViz releases the 7th generation of their $90 mobile office software for Treo.

Athens 2004 on your Treo
The summer games start today, so why not follow along with a helpful resource on your Treo.

Ringo for Treo 600
Electric Pocket released a public beta of their ringtone and caller management utility today.

Palm OS Developer Suite
PalmSource released the final 1.0 version of the new Eclipse based Palm OS Developer Suite.

iSync 1.5
Apple updated their popular sync utility for the Treo and other phones and PDAs.

HBlogger 2.0
Hexlet, LLC, releases the second generation blogging client for Palm OS, with a much larger featureset.

Treo Button Manager
Changing the look of the Treo's dialpad was invented on TreoCentral.com, but it has always been a clumsy process. The new Treo Button Manager makes it much easier to switch, or remove custom skins.

Acid Image 3.0
Red Mercury released a new line up of third party image viewers with enhanced features for the Treo.

Cingular Xpress Mail
Cingular Wireless has launched their own branded email service based on software from Seven.

iPedia 1.0
ArsLexis releases a wirelessly enabled encyclopedia with more than 300,000 entries.

C-Tools 2.0
A request for beta testers for a new cancer related Palm OS application.

LEDoff is a simple utility to turn off the Treo's LED

The Missing Sync v4
Mark/Space started shipping their fourth generation successor to PalmSource's Mac OS X Hotsync. Sync your Treo with iPhoto, iTunes, iCal, and more.

Toysoft creates a new pro version of their voice recording app.

Fast Forward
Automatically forward your calls to another number when the Treo is in a cradle or charging with Fast Forward 1.0.

Phone Technician 1.0
A $6 application for MP3 ringers and basic radio control came out of beta this week.

Brightcam is an application that automaticly adjusts the Treo's LCD brightness depending on the light conditions as measured through the Treo's camera.

Bachmann Mobile Backukp
A new application allows you to backup your Treo to any windows file server or SD card.

Soundpix is a new application for Treo that allows users to instantly capture and wirelessly share sound-enhanced pictures, or "soundpix."

Wireless Sync on Verizon
Intellisync announces that Verizon has chosen their software to power the new Wireless Sync email service.

2day 1.31
A new today application that interfaces with most major Treo communications programs is released by ShSh software.

iNoah 1.0
Arslexis announced iNoah 1.0: A 63 KB application that through the Treo's wireless connection offers definitions to more than 140,000 words.

PhoneView 1.0
PhoneView is a simple application to enable you to "cycle" through phone screens on the Treo 600.

Hobbyist Software Updates
Butler, Phone Technician, and Arrow Launcher all have minor updates released today.

Consilient Technologies Launches Mobile Mail for Novell GroupWise
Wireless Email Available for Push GroupWise v6.5, 6.0 and 5.5 on the Treo 600.

Follow the Tour de France on your Treo
A freeware software application and live mobile websites can help Treo users keep up to date with Tour de France info from their Treo.

Hexlet LLC releases a beta version of an all inclusive blogging and mo-blogging Treo application.

Update Complete
PalmOne announces that the Treo 600 Updater is available for all carriers worldwide.

Treo as a flash memory drive
With a new beta of Card Export II, the Treo emulates a USB mass storage device - no Windows or Mac drivers required.

One more for recording
MotionApps jumps into the Treo 600 voice recording ring with mVoice.

SoundRec 1.051
One button recording is the latest new feature in Infinityball's freeware audio recorder for the Treo 600.

Treo Webcam
New software lets the Treo act as a USB web camera for Windows computers.

Personal Audio Recorder 1.1
Toysoft.ca released this month a new voice recorder specifically made for the Treo 600.

Bluetooth Bounty
We're going to put our money to where our mouth is, by creating a bounty for the creation of a working Bluetooth driver for the Treo 600.

WMA support in Pocket Tunes
Pocket Tunes reached version 3.0 today, giving Palm OS devices the ability to play Windows Media Audio (WMA) files for the first time ever.

BackupBuddy 2.0
Blue Nomad's original backup software has its first major new release.

Bluetooth News
Extended Systems announces that PalmSource has licensed their Bluetooth stack; A new faster version of Bluetooth is announced.

SnapperMail 2.0 Beta
Long awaited IMAP support is in the free 60 day trial of SnapperMail 2.0 Enterprise Edition.

Firmware for all
The firmware updater for the Treo 600 is now available for all carriers in the US.

Cingular, AT&T, "Other Carriers" firmware available
Following the Sprint firmware release last week, there is now a firmware for the unbranded GSM model, Cingular, and AT&T Wireless Treos.

Free voice recorder released
For those wanting to test out the new recording capabilities of the Treo 600, Infinityball has released SoundRec - a free voice recorder.

Sprint Update 1.20
palmOne today released the 2nd firmware update for the Treo 600. Highlights: POP3 email client, car kit support, PictureMail voice memo playback, and third party voice recording support.

SnapperMail 2.0 announced
Snapperfish plans to launch the new version in early May with many new features including full IMAP support.

Treo photos on OS X
Two new OS X applications let you access on your mac the Treo's photos.


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