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Java released for Treo 600
palmOne today announced general availability of an ARM-processor-optimized Java runtime for end users.

Handmark releases Wireless Express
Think of it as a combination of Avantgo and PQA's, Handmark Express gives instant access to news, weather, stocks, sports and more.

First Sprint Treo 600 update released
PalmOne has released the first update, version 1.10, for the Sprint Treo 600.

Palm Powered Up Awards
Nominate your favorite Treo app for PalmSource's Powered Up Awards.

Java comes to Treo 600
The Treo 600 will soon support Java 2 Micro Edition. Beta developers toolkit is available now, final runtime is scheduled for the spring.

Launcher X optimized for Treo 600
The TreoCentral staff's favorite Launcher program has been optimized for the Treo 600.

GSM Mail comes to Sprint Treo 600
PalmOne released a Sprint Treo 600 version of their excellent GSM Mail application.

Treo600SMS available now
PDAapps has released the Treo 600 version of their popular Treo300SMS program.

Treo 600 Portal
Handspring created a new mobile portal for the Treo 600. See what it looks like online, and add it to your own treo now.

Snappermail 1.8
Snappermail, a robust email app gets a minor update

Handspring releases second Treo 300 update
Handspring has released a second Treo 300 update, this time addressing automatic error acknowledgement in auto-synchronizing data applications.

Treo 300 SMS Send
A free app is available now to send SMS messages from the Treo 300.

Blazer 3.0 based on NetFront
The core foundation for Handspring�s new Blazer 3.0 Web browser is based on ACCESS� NetFront v3.0 technology

Treo 600 E-Mail Solutions
There were recently several annoucements regarding e-mail solutions for the Treo 600: SEVEN's Email Client, GoodLink 2.0, and Visto

Treo 300 Updater 1.0
New firmware fixes bugs in the Treo 300.

SnapperMail adds HTML and SSL
SnapperMail announces version 1.7 adding HTML and SSL support

Desktop Call Logs
Natara's new Comet application analyses call logs on a Windows desktop.

Really, How fast is your Treo?
GPRS, Vision, and Dialup all have different speeds, but how different are they?

Windows USB data connectivity
Recently released PalmNet enables the Treo 300 to work as a wireless modem over a USB cable with a Windows XP/2000 machine.

50 emails for TreoPrint
An innovative solution to wirelessly printing from the Treo to networked printers around the home or office.

iSync 1.0 Final released
Sync Different gets a little faster

SnapperMail 1.4b released
The new version of SnapperMail includes a huge number of incremental improvements and new features, including long-awaited Periodic Mail fetching.

Skinner available
Change the look of your Treo 270 and 300's Phone Application with Skinner

VeriChat Beta
PDAapps is accepting beta applications for its unified IM client.

Skin your Treo
A German software company needs beta testers for a program that offers the ability to change the look of Treo's phone application.

Advanced Usage Tracking
Hexlet LLC released TrafficStat 2.0 today, an advanced GPRS/CSD data tracker application.

Free Graffiti for Treo
Handspring is offering a free copy of RecoEdit Plus to all owners of keyboard based Treo's

Quickoffice for Mac OS X released
CE Software brings the award-winning office suite to the Mac

TreoMail 1.5 released
With Treo Mail 1.5 customers can send and receive email in the background even while using other applications.

Track data usage with KBTracker
PDAapps recently released two new utilities for the Treo - a data transfer tracker application and two-way SMS for Treo 300.

iSync beta released
Synchronize your handheld's dat with iCal and the OS X Address Book

Handspring releases Mac Palm Desktop 4.0
Mac OS X support at last

Handspring support for Mac OS X later this month...
According to Handspring Tech Support that is

New information on Asian GPRS upgrade
Handspring's Asia site recently posted a read me file for the GPRS upgrade, and added an agreement before allowing you to download the file.

GPRS upgrade available, officially only for Asia
Handspring's Asia posts the long awaited GPRS upgrade, TreoCentral finds a workaround for the rest of us, and Handspring issues a statement.

Microsoft re-releases Entourage X conduit
Second time hopefully is a charm for the Entourage conduit for Mac OS X.

Synchronize websites to your handheld using iSilo.

KeyContacts offers Treo integration
Chapura's KeyContacts, an alternative to the built-in address book, now offers Treo integration.

Ringo 3.0 released
Now users can assign icons to users and groups

iSync therefore iAm
The upcoming iSync for Mac OS X could change the face of handhelds on the Mac platform.

Entourage X Conduit Released
Microsoft releases its Entourage v. X conduit. Does it work with Handspring products?

Using the Treo with Mac OS X
Can it be done? Yes.

Use your Treo as a Modem
They said it couldn't be done, but Scott Gruby managed to turn your Treo in a modem anyway.

Handango Champion Awards
Handango honors some of the exceptional software available for the Palm operating system.

GPRS upgrade in beta
Handspring has internally released the beta version of the GRPS patch.

T-Blaster, a Giraffe program set in the future
Blast away the Treo keyboard learning curve with this FREE game from Astraware and Handspring.

Final Palm OS 5 sent to Handspring
Will the future Treo models use it?

New Version of QuickOffice Available
Cutting Edge Software releases version 6.0 of its popular office suite.

On-the-Go Route Planning
TripPilot allows route planning and can even download maps wirelessly to the Treo.

Send MMS pictures with Pixer
Electronic Pocket releases Pixer, the first MMS app that allows sending pictures to/from compatible devices.

Treo Mail Goes Gold
Handspring releases final version, pricing plans. Free 30 day trial.

Treo Updater 1.0 available
Handspring finally realeses the long awaited Treo Updater, which increases early Treo's standby time to 100 hours, and contains several bug fixes.

Treo Mail Beta now available
Handspring today released a beta version of Treo Mail, its new wireless e-mail service.

The Treo is barely out and there's already software for it. Yeah!

Handspring launches "Wireless Application Center"
Handspring has made available a selection of development resources for SMS, WAP or other wireless data and voice applications for the Palm OS.


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